Single Speed Cycle Fraction

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  • Hey there Friends!

    Just one more question from your soon-to-be fellow London citizen:

    In your approximation, about what percent of London Cyclists use single speeds, generally speaking?

    -Slim :)

  • 1/8

  • 17/131

  • 44/16

  • 1/8

    This one is kinda believable...


    This one is just plain ridiculous.


    This one is just uber freakin' funny! :)

    But C'mon guys! I really wanna have some idea. Be real...Honestly!

  • I believe you should use a quadrat

  • 50/14, surely?

  • as you may have gathered there has been no official survey done of bikes in london and how they are set up

    may i suggest you spend your first couple of weeks in london acclimatising and giving out questionnaires at traffic lights to ascertain this data

    you could then be a useful contributor to this site bring facts rather than just questions
    might help you make some new cyclist friends although the times i have been chatted up at traffic lights i have usually felt quite uncomfortable

    maybe keep it strictly business at the lights until you have worked the zeitgeist of london and it's inhabitants

  • It'll be fine. London is one of the most kind and polite cities in the world and it's cyclists are a particularly jolly breed. I think if you hang out at the junction of clerkenwell rd and grays inn road at about 08:45 each day and stop passing cyclists for a chat I'm sure they will give you a smile and say "sure, I've got some time to help you" before answering your questions then bidding you a good day and carrying on their morning meander to work......

  • Hahahaha, good one^

    That fucking junction.

  • That used to be my junction, I worked right on the corner. I'd get pissed in the Yorkshire Grey and hang out on the corner smoking fags and ask people on mountain bikes to do skids and ask to buy everyone's wheel for $50. My colleagues thought I was mental.

  • Does it matter? If you prefer riding ss/fg just ride it, I'm the only member of my cc who rides fg and get the usual comments from the roadies but it wouldn't stop me.

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Single Speed Cycle Fraction

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