Anyone Seen itsbruce

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  • Hi Guys

    Not to cause any alarm and I don't believe he's fallen afoul of anything but has anyone heard from Bruce the last couple of days/since the track day.

    Come out from your warren Bruce da Juice!

  • He's been found. Not sure what I can say at the moment but he's on good hands.

  • Not sure if forum love or that bitch owes you money....


  • Is he ok?

  • I hope he's ok

  • Unfortunately Bruce was involved in a cycling incident sometime on Sunday. As far as I'm aware there may be no other vehicles involved but I am not privy to the facts so want to avoid all speculation.

    From what I know he doesn't seem to be critical although he'll be in ICU for the next couple of days. He's had a haemorrhage which was drained. He's largely conscious but heavily sedated. Not sure about breakages.

    If anyone knows his brother's contact details could you let me know.

    When I know more I'll let you know. Don't be alarmed though he will be fine. I blame the beard.

  • Christ. Get well soon, Bruce.

  • Get better!

  • Eesh. Sorry to hear this. Glad he's sort of OK.

  • fuck a duck!

    get well big man :(

  • Gws Bruce :-(

    Tibbs, thanks for letting us know!

    Any help or anything let me know

  • Fackin hell! Heal up, Bruce!

    I blame the Reej....

  • Bad news. Get well soon, Bruce!

  • GWS Bruce. Terrible news.

  • Get well soon Bruce. all the best

  • Shit. Get well soon. Would be terrible for you to miss the tweed run after all your hard hard work.

  • Anyone told the Tweed Run marshals?

  • I think they know now.

  • Heal up quick Bruce!
    Anything you need, just say.

  • H(eal)TFU

  • Oooof, sorry to hear that Bruce, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

  • Heal Up Soon, Bruce ( it is his real name)

  • Christ Bruce, shit news.
    Heal up soon. I hope you're able to do the Tweed Run. Or at least the after party!

  • Yup, all of the above. Heal up real fast Chap!

  • Bad news - the beard didn't survive. But Bruce doesn't know yet. He's going to be SO pissed off!

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Anyone Seen itsbruce

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