RRA Records - Solo, Tandem LEJOG Record Attempt

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  • I'd need to compare side by side with mine but there's a couple of things - Bristol, pretty sure I went further east, ie. Frampton

    Mine also went through Warrington, which he's skirting to the east.

  • He should be there around midday Sunday so it could be a factor but to be honest I never noticed it being busy up there even lots I've seen quite a few people mention it. But busy to a local is probably quite different to someone who lives and rides in London every day...

  • Fair point

    But riding/driving in London midweek and living up there over the weekend, when the tourists get stuck into the A9 it’s just as bad as Central at rush hour IMO, but with added OAP unpredictability.

    But hopefully it won’t be a factor, especially if he isn’t good at adapting under pressure

  • I found it worse down south, south of Bristol on the A30 stretch. By the time you get to the A9 you're desensitized to all the close passes. Also, these guys are going to have follow cars which should shield them quite a bit from the dodgy driving. I didn't have that, which is probably why I'm an psychotic bastard with no record... ;)

  • Well, just not this record....

    I must say that every time I have looked at any lejog route it's the first bit that has put me off, even if you don't go up the A roads.

    I have terrible memories of riding a 3 speed fixed hub around Devon on a 'holiday'

  • Personally would go near the A9 on a pushbike but to each their own.

    He also cycles past my house kinda... but 500m away. Shame I think he’s a plant after th TCR debacle.

  • Kristof Allegaert is doing the Lands End to John o’ Groats and then back to Lands End. Plans to do this in five and a half days and take on the record! I can't find that much about it online, but it appears he's already done 650-750km in under 30 hours. Started on 5th August at 6pm.


  • Thanks for link.
    There's lots of discussion under the Ultracycling thread
    LEJOGLE is not RRA (although the discussion of Mike Broadwith's LEJOG - which is - is on that thread too!

  • Nick smashed it - 15:25
    Well done mate!

  • Cycling Weekly this week has an article/interview with @wheels_of_fire on the LEJOG record.

  • Finally got to listen to the Cycling Podcast’s interview with @wheels_of_fire on his Lejog record. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is interested listens to it, it’s fascinating.

  • Apparently Ian To is going to give it another go this year. What was that thing about the definition of insanity...?

    Also Christine Mackenzie going for women's record in August

  • Thanks - only just saw this. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lionel is a lovely, interested and knowledgeable chap.

  • Has anyone in recent memory registered a fixed gear lejogle attempt?

  • I doubt it. Unless I've missed something, the RRA doesn't have separate fixed records so going for the main record on fixed would be a major handicap

  • Yes, though not the 'usual' fixed and the RRA won't recognise it (but Guinness will): https://pennyfarthingendtoend.org.uk

  • Surprised no one else posted this, but Christina Mackenzie is currently attempting to break the women’s record. She’s about 80 miles left and is slightly behind schedule but still has a chance of breaking it.

  • She has got slightly overshadowed by the timing, being not the main event for those interested in long distance women racing cyclists this morning,
    Mike broadwith doing some great updates on twitter but it looks like it has slipped out of reach for her right at the end.

  • Sorry, was busy elsewhere.

    I heard she was very close, ~30min from the record but I've yet to spot any details. If so I wonder if she'll have another attempt?

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RRA Records - Solo, Tandem LEJOG Record Attempt

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