RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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  • 80 ish mile to go 👍

  • Heading towards Helmsdale. I never made it that far but from memory of the research it's one of the decent climbs.

  • This is where she lost a shed loads of time but so far is still rolling well.

  • Yeah if you getting the record you living the life.

  • It looks like she is going to get it


    "Mr Broadwith
    Christina is over Helmsdale! She's riding the false flat and then faces the steep descent to Berriedale and the steep Berriedale Braes on the other side... it's the last major obstacle before she rides through Wick and on to the finish. Yellow line still looking strong.
    8:13 AM · Jul 30, 2021·Twitter Web App"

  • Yeh this is pretty special.

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  • 4hrs in hand still...

  • How much time has she had off the bike? I just cannot comprehend the mental/lack of sleep side of a fast Lejog.

  • I've read a couple of 20min stops for kit changes and warming up but not sure exACTLY.

  • Looking at Broady's graph it looks like 5 brief stops

  • You could also look at her schedule - it will detail any of her planned stops.

    Hmm, or not

  • Into Scotland: https://live.opentracking.co.uk/lejogcm2­1/

    I'm enjoying watching the final progress of Christina's attempt with the photographic view in the Bing Ariel map layer

  • From eyeballing his chart it looks like she had a longish stop planned for after Shap but didn't take most of it, plus a few short stops which she did take.

    Cutting the Shap stop, plus a faster-than-scheduled first 100 miles accounts for most of her difference from schedule. Maybe that was deliberate: psychologically it is so much easier to be ahead of schedule than struggling to keep up with it - so she might have put in some padding in her first few hours and thought that she might not need the Shap stop if things were going well.

    Apart from those two bits she seems to have pretty much ridden very close to her schedule.

  • I take my hat off to anybody able to do this but what an absolutely miserable way to spend a couple of days.

  • Doing it for Scottish Alzheimer's society as well .

  • go go go.

  • Almost there and almost 2hrs to play with.

  • Provisional 51h5m27s, taking > 90mins off Lynne's 2002 record

  • Amazing ride. Always well on top of her schedule and looked really good in all the pictures I saw.

  • Wow incredible. Boggles my mind as to how fast these records are!

  • That was a very fine ride -- congratulations to Christina.

    Source: https://twitter.com/BBCSpors

  • One ‘long weekend’ stood out from Mackenzie’s training plan, consisting of three unsupported 200-mile rides and 10,000 metres of climbing in brutal laps of the Scottish Highlands.


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RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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