RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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  • Yes, do share it.

  • Is breaking the End to End record worth the trouble if no one remembers the record breakers for more than a few weeks?

    Perhaps nobody apart from Wheels of Fire looked at this photo, or maybe you just thought it was a silly idea because these blokes were so famous the question wasn't worth asking.

    Anyway, there was one single correct answer which came from the RRA Twitter repost - Dave Duffield. For what it's worth, here's the complete list (from left to right, with records).

    Dave Duffield 1960 (trike) 2d. 10h. 58 mins.
    Alec Glass.
    Jack Rossiter 1929 2d. 13h. 22mins.
    Reg Randall 1958 2d. 1hr. 58 mins.
    Hubert Opperman 1934 2d. 9h. 1min.
    Dick Poole 1965 1d. 23h. 46 mins.
    Sid Ferris 1937 2d. 6hr. 33 mins.
    Will Townsend
    Dave Keeler 1958 2d. 3hr. 9 mins.

  • I was 1 when the picture was taken and I feel relatively old on this forum. Despite my interest in cycling I'd struggle to identify many riders from pictures. If Matt Rendell had followed up Blazing Saddles with a history of End 2 End records (although he may well have done for all I know) then perhaps I'd be more clued up, but still would struggle to put names to photos I guess.

    Is breaking the End to End record worth the trouble if no one remembers the record breakers for more than a few weeks?

    Yes. Surely the intrinsic satisfy of beating the record is greater importance than who else remembers.

  • The only one I knew was Will Townsend as he was from my club (club President for 79 years).

    Thanks for posting the photo though - was good to see it. It can be hard to recognise cyclists when they have their normal clothes on, even ones as famous as Oppy. Someone I know on twitter did recognise him, but I didn't, even though I once spent a lot of time thinking about him and one of his pieces of advice. This was given, second hand, by Rod Evans, who had ridden a lot with him, at the start of IndyPac in Fremantle. It was about how cycling is really simple, you just wait for a pedal to come up, push it down, then another one will come up, and repeat. I thought this was a bit trite at the time, but a week later, in the middle of the Nullarbor, with 6 days of headwind and every muscle in my body telling me to stop cycling, I realised it was just about the most profound piece of wisdom I'd ever heard!

  • Very similar to the "if you want to go faster, push harder" comment from someone.

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RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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