RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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  • Joe Skipper


    Ok, he did a 309mi ride. Not bad.

    I didn't even know the record had been updated: "321.44 miles set by Adam Duggleby in 2018"

  • Ok, he did a 309mi ride. Not bad.

    He actually rode 325 miles in the 12 hours. That was the downgraded to 309 in the provisional results because he didn't finish at least one of the loops, and then he got DQ'd. And it was not a fast day, by any means. Bogging windy so it was.

  • If I remember correctly he took the Southern turn one RAB too early on the opening circuit and then once again on the southern circuit, and in doing so avoided the climb up to the southern turn twice.

    And 325 miles is deffers smashing it in my books, particularly given the conditions. And the really slow finishing circuit.

  • So he would've got a Comp Record if he didn't mess the course up? Ok, so he's a monster.

    Presume he'll have another go, unless he's got trihardalons on?

  • the really slow finishing circuit.

    Is it though? Isn't it the same course Wilko had the 317 Comp Record on?
    Where did Duggleby do his 321?


  • Pretty sure that Duggleby's comp record was the Bentley course not the Breckland course which Joe (sort of) did 325 on. The finishing circuit of the Bentley course is much faster than that on the Breckland course as it's all DC, whereas the finishing circuit on the Breckland course is rather lumpy and twisty SC stuff. Overall I'd say the Bentley course is faster, but I've only ridden each one once so it's difficult to compare.

  • So he would've got a Comp Record if he didn't mess the course up?

    Yep. At his first attempt at a 12, I believe. When he came past me it wasn't so much feeling like I was standing still as getting the distinct impression I was actually travelling backwards.

  • I've never ridden Breckland but ridden #fuckloads on the A31. It was faster than all the other 12s I'd done for me because it was the only one I raced before the 24hr (but it's also probably faster). But I always wanted to ride Breckland because that's where Wilko did his 317. Never got the timings right though. The plan was to race it this year and go for 300+ but that ain't happening.

  • I'm the other way round. I've only done Bentley once, on the 12, but I've ridden Breckland fucktons. Couple of 50s, three 100s, and a smattering of 10s and 25s. The northern section is horrible due to the road surface, but the DC sections are pretty fast.

  • If that was the race, then it wasn't the Breckland course. That race was on the B100/9, the Fakenham course, and the Breckland 100 course is the B100/4. I've never ridden the B100/9, but I understand it's challengingly sporting rather than a DC dragstrip like the 100/4. The B100/4 was the course where Marcin Bialoblocki set the current 100 comp record last year. He was only 3/4 of an hour faster than me.

  • I just assumed anything with a B in front meant Breckland. They seem to be run by the same club. Yeah, it wasn't a fast course. I PB'd on it even with the weather but that was in the early days when I was still racing 100s in sneakers...

  • With no Newbury though, I've got to assume my best chance of a 300 is Breckland. Since I can't fuck off and live in Spain with lockdown scuppering my research it looks like I might have another season of CTT in 2021 :(

  • I'd assumed breckland was the best course now too. Never ridden it, but the North Norfolk wheelers is a very different course. It was a long way to go to do my slowest ever 100.
    was really hot the year I did it, took 4 bottles but still needed more on the last lap.
    main things I remember are that it was really hilly, and the pusher offer didn't hold my bike, just leant his shoulder against me. I released my brakes 5 seconds before I started, as I always do. The start is slightly down hill, so I started rolling forwards and was over the line when the starter said go. I rode round expecting I might be dq'd. By the end I was hoping I would be!

  • If the Newbury course is run again they won't use the shorter finishing circuit.
    There were complaints last time that it gave some riders an advantage depending on when they switched on to it.
    Shame as the finishing circuit gave riders something to look forward to.

  • Christina Murray has just started her attempt on the women's LEJOG record.

    Tracker here; http://frrt.org/lejog2020/

  • For some great insights during most RRA attempts @wheels_of_fire typically does some graphing over on twitter: https://twitter.com/24HourMaths/

  • Route comes just by me so went to shout my support - what could be easier, just go to one of the control points and wait for her to come by? Errr no LOL:

    Edit to say - feel free to point out that she was obviously continuing up the A38 and to visit that control would have been a ridiculous deviation onto a very busy and dangerous road (I realise that with the benefit of hindsight)

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  • Interesting - I had a quick scan of her route and was surprised to see that she had a control point in the middle of Carlisle. I can't imagine she will follow her route through there.

    Minor detail or a sign of less-thorough prep than, say, @wheels_of_fire did for his ride?

    Last I saw (on WoF's twitter) she was slightly down on schedule after having a sleep stop through night.

  • I'm not sure the checkpoints on the map are the same as the route. They were perhaps added for the benefit of the tracker rather than the RRA route itself. I think her schedule should be kicking around somewhere which will have the full list of junctions.

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RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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