RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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    Many thanks to all those who showed an interest in the attempt. There will be another E-E attempt in August, this time by a women on a trike. I will send out details nearer the time."

  • So thats ~400 miles in 24+ hours, still not bad going!

  • Anyone wanna sit on the back of a tandem with me for 850 miles? :)

  • Been watching this evolving. Fair effort considering the South West hills.
    Not sure youre entirely serious about the offer though hippy or doing it
    This is a 48 hour job- you up for that? ?

  • Anyone wanna sit on the back of a tandem with me for 850 miles? :)

    would i

    a) have to stay awake for the whole ride ?
    b) be required to do any pedalling ?

    if no to both then in

  • Not serious. I hate the idea of riding a tandem.

  • Anyone wanna sit on the back of a tandem with me for 850 miles? :)

    No, I wish I was capable, but I'm not.

    However, I know you could get at least a few of the solo records ( I'm thinking of the regional records as a starting point) and I would be prepared to help on an attempt (observer, driver, photographs and write up).

  • Anyone wanna sit on the back of a tandem with me for 850 miles? :)

    Do you fart much?

  • He's having a third attempt at the record now:

  • Currently past bristol up on schedule with this stonking tailwind. Lets hope they dont blow up near carlisle again!

  • @a3crg: Tough going, support cars stuck in Worcester and trying to catch up to tandem #LEJOG heavy rain now radio 2 says flooding in the grampians as well

  • Yeah, making good progress. 30-45min up

  • I can't seem to find the planned route/schedule.

  • Have you checked the RRA website?

  • There are two Word docs with the attempt details.

  • I like this bit

    End: drain grating at the left leading edge of the mini roundabout

  • Up near Bolton now. Seem to be doing well.

  • The finish changed a few years back. It used to be at the hotel itself.

    "The hotel is inaccessible now as it has had a waist high wall built around it. A footpath leads to the south east corner of the building, but it isn’t very wide and I fear it would be dangerous for a record breaker to ride on at speed to get closer to the hotel. With members of the public and sightseers wandering around it could be an accident waiting to happen, especially if it is wet, dark or getting dark.

    The finish line isn’t visible, in fact I think they have either covered it in grass, tarmac or slabs. There has been a lot of development both at the hotel and on the approach road where holiday chalets have been built on the left.

    I would suggest that the timekeeper stands on the slightly raised mini RAB at the roads termination, which is almost opposite the famous signpost pointing to Land’s End 870 miles. It is a public car park road which is an extension of the A99.

    If we wish to put a time value/penalty on the few metres/yards of road omitted at this terminal point due to lack of access, I would suggest no more than 2 seconds. This is not really relevant considering the 30 or more miles saved by the bridges since 1960."

  • North of carlisle and 4 hours 40 up on schedule.

  • Through Gretna and into Scotland. Still seem to be making good progress but I'm not seeing any reports from crew so don't know what shape they're in.

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RRA Records - ie. LEJOG Record Attempts

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