Tourney: EHBPC 2014 - Padova 25/29 June

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  • Sounds awesome... 10/10, Ben...

  • Good write up Ben!

    The real question is did Max ever retrieve his croc?

  • The crocs live on!

  • Nice write up, you should flounce more often :-)

  • all final videos now up

    nice slow mo and repeats!

  • Jesus, had to turn that off after 20 secs.. Gonna feel pissed all day today now.

  • By now everyone who was not playing are pretty smashed, not least Rob snottyotter who took his clothes off far too many times....

    You mean, once? :)

  • Great write up Ben,

  • You mean, once? :)

    If only.

  • Thrice?

  • Hat trick.

  • Actually, that happened later on.

  • Also - forgot to apologize to Emmet for ruining his exquisite facial features with my mallet. Goal reffing is a dangerous role...

  • Really awesome tournament even if organisation could have been better at points. props to break up (that 5-0 to cool story bro), Luca who I feel is getting a lot of bad press but who I actually thought played incredibly well, and of course Max and Mathieu for being my most awesomest teamies. Also Tim and Fin who set a new standard for amazing reffing in Europe and which we will all now have to uphold.

    In terms of polo I actually feel much more positive about polo than I have for a while as a result of lots of chats with people and it seems to me that most people are on the same page about what could be done to make polo a better sport. I've been thinking about this over the last few days and most importantly I think the reffing situation has to change. It is a thankless job which no one wants to do, Tim and Fin stepped up, sacrificed a whole day to being shouted at with no real thanks other than a few claps on the back. I was pretty pissed when neither of them got any recognition at the end. I think the time has come for refs at major tournaments to be paid, if not in cash then given priority housing and food

  • Yep, we do that here in NA as of this year. $30 for a half days reffing. Not much, but it's a start.

  • Sounds like. We missed a good un. Nice write up ben! Felt like we. Were there!

  • Best hook of the Euros: Mondial vs Call Me Daddy.

    Emmet charges up with the ball from a reset position dumps it to Adam on the left of him and then speeds up and hooks my (goalie) mallet whilst Adam takes a shot. Scared the fuck out of me! Adam missed the shot though.

    2nd prize goes to Josh for the thumpers. Always a classic. I tried a few on Eddy during the latter games, nothing.

  • Tim Timmeny, Tim Timmeny, Tim Tim Tim Ta Roo. He wears lovely jumpers and scores one or two.
    Tim Timmeny, Tim Timmeny, Tim Tim Tim Ta Ree. He wears lovely jumpers and scores two or three.

  • There isn't a single decent photo of me.

    We might have to do the tournament again.

  • Every photo of you is beautiful.

  • Phew. Saved the day.

  • "I hate when refs look at my boobs instead of my face..." A polo player

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Tourney: EHBPC 2014 - Padova 25/29 June

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