2014-08-24 Bank Holiday HHSB Slide to Cambridge

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  • And that's a rap...

    Plus anymore if people aren't sick and tired of the amount of photos I've taken by now! enjoy:


  • another great cambridge ride, perfect route this time including the DNA path, so much nicer than the main road into cambridge
    thanks so much to doctor pepe for hanging back and for his leave no man behind attitude, sorry for holding you guys up in the middle section of the ride, thanks to indra and tm for organising and thanks to god for the scenery !!
    here are a few photo's of the day

  • managed to collect an extra pump at the first pub and as predicted i didn't hand it back at the end of the ride, please let me know where i can deliver it !! hope you have a spare for todays work !

    does any one have any contacts details for this guy ( i didn't catch you name sorry ) so i can get it back to him


  • ^ that's me mate, I'll drop you a pm. No need to deliver, I'll come collect it.

    Smashing day though, cheers all.

  • Thanks guys for such a mega day - great company, great route, great beers... till next time!

  • Fucking hell how many stops have you had? Surprised you've made it to Cambridge before dark.

  • pub 1, pub 2, londis, pub 3 I think.

  • pub 3 was a good one

  • Free pizza at pub 3 was decent.

    Chapeau to Doktor P , I would have repped him for his valour but....

  • That bike is fit

  • Awesome ride, thanks again to everyone (especially Pepe) for waiting for me.

  • Good days ride nice photos @HoKe

  • Good fun yesterday.
    Thanks to everyone, especially Sven for carrying the heavy sound system backpack for the last leg.
    Longest ride I've done and surprisingly my legs were fairly OK today!

  • Good route and lovely scenery. Some chatty folks too which is always nice. I guess the stops are part of the character of the ride but would suggest fewer or shorter maybe - then there's a chance of seeing Cambridge before it closes! A good day out and big thanks to organisers, bag carriers, junction markers, dead-fox-pointer-outers and entertainers (Sven). Respect to those who raced at Herne Hill, drank beer then turned out for the slide (Sven).

  • I know in my case, the track racing and beer drinking definitely had a knock on effect on the length of the stops... (I of course only spectated, but drank more to compensate)

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2014-08-24 Bank Holiday HHSB Slide to Cambridge

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