Tourney: London Open 2014 – August 16th and 17th

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  • Cult of Cerberus registered

    Fixed and yay!

  • Spring break reform! Cosmic reform! Nice touch! OG POLO for the win!!!

  • Suggested team name for any late-formers:

    Thundery Downpours.

  • Westway registered!

  • Predators registered

    Westway registered!

    Same line ups as the Westway tournament?

  • Team Warin registered

  • Kev - yup

  • Vit will play with us this time, back to the origins

  • look at that majesty.

  • Will this tourney have a crease rule?

  • We were discussing that yesterday. We'll let you know after Wednesday what we decide.

    I vote yes.

  • Troika Cubed registered

  • I'd love to have a crease, and no hooking...

  • Crease and clever hooking gets my vote.

  • Crease for sure.
    Clever hooking ftw (bottom half of the mallet only?)

  • The crease is pretty rad idea. Can we play the new ruleset though? It's good practice for the worlds and for practice Reffing?

  • Plus if we implement the rules there pretty good. Will do some reffing when not playing. Put me in on the ref team. Needs some practice.

  • Yeah, from the sounds of it, the crease will be around next season, so no need to make a statement.

    Also down to be on the ref team.

  • Is there a team list?

  • clever hooking? But some are cleverer than others. What if the ref is not so clever? This is a light #comedypost

  • Is there a team list?

    Check the first post Toddy, I update it every so often (when at a computer with some free time).

    Joe Spikes and I are looking for a third if anyone's interested...

  • Also looking to join or make up a team for this, let me know if interested.

  • Max mike frome padova may up for LO. He play whit rode and need a team

  • My colleagues are currently engaged in a hot debate about the innocence of any independent contractors who may have been working on the uncompleted Death Star when it was destroyed by the rebels.

    Can somebody tell me if Clerks are or aren't registered? I will attempt to get to an internet cafe tomorrow and transfer the monies if not.

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Tourney: London Open 2014 – August 16th and 17th

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