Fl(e)uro / neo(n) pro: post your pictures

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  • Anyone who pays attention to such things can't have not noticed that fluro/neon is huge at the moment, especially amongst the roadie douchebags. Even Rapha's in on it now.

    Post your pictures here! Think of it as a fluro/neon Pinterest. I'll start.

    Pretorius kit (old skool, been around for a few years I think). More neon IRL:

    Team Supercaz:

    Apparently Supercaz in italian means "superdick" or "supercock" or "superpenis".

    Das Rad Klub kit, complete with Hipster Logo™ (have to confess I actually quite like this, apart from said logo):

    Bottechia SP9 and matching kit:

    There was a guy sporting this combo at Pretorious on Sunday, strong look. I think his bike was even moar yellow.

    There is definitely a lot more...

  • Neon and subtractive primaries are a much more pleasant trend than stealth black. Still hunting for the perfect shade of hot fluoro magenta.

    The only correct colour for Magura brakes

  • This is the same frame as Leander's bike, my fluro ex pro mate. It's sick.

  • Whoah!


  • I need some of that Pretorius kit I think...

    Better photos when its actually finished (hopefully tmw I'll get a chance to go to Screwfix after work to pick up the saw blade I need).

  • Always been really into this jersey, shame they don't make it anymore.

  • Who's the tubby fucker in the DRK kit?

    That should be posted in the 'calling out bad cyclists' thread given the placement of his hands.

  • looks like some dickhead who spent too much of last summer sat on his ass drinking.
    What a cunt.

  • want

  • More want than ^

  • There's already a crap cycling kit thread >>>

  • Good contributions!

    Eyebrows I love your resprayed Cannondale. I think you should get the Pretorius kit but I warn you it is nice but pricey.

  • My mate Tyler rides cat2 for Bottecchia. The amount of fluoro is unreal!

  • ^ needs better photo and while you're at it better photo of his Cielo too

  • Fucking double-dare anyone to ride that MTB Spinergy.

  • The neon's tiny, but it's there.

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Fl(e)uro / neo(n) pro: post your pictures

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