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  • So i've had a g.o.a.t sitting in my shed back home for about a year now. The spline drive thread got stripped after a particularly drunken day and I ended up riding it home completely ruining things. It ended up with both cranks pretty much aligned and me bobbing along wondering where it all went wrong.

    Since then the frame, fu-manchu fork, finishings and 26' halo sas' laced to resist on the back, system x on the front has been in storage, un-used and un-loved. Paint is perfect still, no dings, no dents, hardly even a scratch

    I've since pilfered the Cult stem for another project, but have everything else just sat around.

    Do you guys think its worth putting up in the classifieds with the aforementioned fuckry with the spline drive? It does have quite a tasty profile chainring and would probs be an easy fix for someone who know what they are up to.

    Alas that guy is not me, and I believe it is destined to gather dust unless anyone would want it.

    Any tips on pricing also would be much appreciated, it turned out to be a bit of a money pit and I am very much aware that its probably not worth much in its current state.


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  • What size??

  • medium sorry, for shame

  • Shame it's not seeing any use! How the hell did you kill the cranks?

  • I think it might have something to do with the spacers inside the bottom bracket, the BB shell was about an inch wider than the metal spacer tube that encased the spline drive, something slipped in there during a skid and the crank just chewed through itself.
    Think it's worth a punt on the classifieds?

  • Damn. What cranks are they?

    It wouldn't hurt to stick it in classifieds if you want rid of it. eBay would probably be your best bet though.

  • They were some 50 quid gusset ones, heavy as fuck and obviously quite shit

  • I think Spotter did something similar to his Gusset ones.

  • Right so I think i'm gonna chuck this up on the classifieds this weekend to see how it goes. Does anyone want anything off of it, or the whole thing, before I put it up, I was thinking of putting it up for like 200 complete, think thats reasonable?

  • wish shipping to austria wouldnt kill me so much. id buy it

  • Have a look into shipping man and make me an offer, I can weigh it if needs be

  • €100 pounds shipping kills the value

  • I'm interested in this if you would post to derby?

  • sorry i haven't replied to your message Chodeonroad, it seems i can't message people yet on the forum, do you have email that we can use to discuss the bike??

  • I'm willing to buy if you ship

  • Hi I just wanted to say but I have this, I mean this bike I ride it all the time its the best thing ever :)

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