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  • Evening all

    Some of you may know that The Lengster was robbed nearly two weeks ago and this made me sad. What made me even more sadder, was that I am now unable to attend Tour De Radskids™ with my buddies ltc and co.

    What better way to cheer myself up then, than by starting a new project?

    Found this frame by chance on the bay for what I consider a good price. Seen a few Mr Weigh's knocking around these parts so thought it was worth a punt. It was initially meant to be a geared winter trainer but now with the Langster gone I need my fixie fix.

    This will be my fourth ground up build but I still don't have a clue where to start... Any suggestions? The plan is for all black everything but I want to try and keep costs down so may start a wanted thread at the beginning of next month.

    Also any advice on finding information on the frame? The forks have Reynolds written on them although I'm really not sure which tubing specifically... I swear I could make out Campagnolo on the droupouts too but perhaps I'm just being hopeful. I would guess 531?


  • Fucking sick! Does anyone know how to tell who made this? Would be cool if it was a Donohue build. DOUBLE DONOHUE FOR BAPTMBGC.

  • Doesn't look that similar though. Kyle, do you literally need everything? I've got all sorts knocking around in the parts bin.

  • That looks ace. The WEIGH typography kicks ass. Almost hilarious that it's paired with 'Graham' in brush-script...

  • Loz - Yeah your Donobru looks amazing mate, I was hopeful that this would be 853 tubing too but I'm really not sure. It's very light and when I ping it with my finger it's not a ping noise, more like a deeper echoey sound. lol.

    But yeah I literally need everything. What you see there is what I have, plus forks.

    What black parts do you have?

  • I'll message you on facebook!

  • It's so zingy I love it. Plan is to move all the parts from my Langster (when I get round to it) and check that it fits properly.

    Frame weighs just under 1.8kg's, pun intended.

    Hoping to get it ready for the height of summer so will start a wanted thread soon.

  • kyle bru i love this

  • Nice frame but would you really want a conversion as your main fixed gear if you've already got a dedicated fixed gear frame in the Lengster?

  • Also, any ideas what the tubing is?

  • Loz - Yeah to be honest I seem to remember my falcon beater being the best thing to ride ever in comparison to the first time I rode the lengster so tbh I just want to build this up to see if I do in fact prefer steel or not.

    If I do it'll be my daily beater with the lengster being my weekend/long ride bike, or I might even sell it. I dont know.

    As for tubing, I'm gonna guess 531, I literally cant find anything on the net. I'll post in the bikes and bits section (pretty sure I saw a GW thread in there somewhere) and see if any other forumengers know.

    Michael - you have a bb tool? I'm thinking a night round yours moving parts over with beers sometime soon. Will txt.

    Does anyone know what I'll need to run 31.8 clamp bars on a quill stem setup?

  • ^ Use a quill adapter and your current stem. Otherwise, buy 26 bars.

    I agree with Loz, keep the Langster as dedicated and this for shorter cafe runs. Or sell it and buy a steel track bike.

  • Or you could get some 1" threadless forks, a thresdless headset and a 1"-1/18" shim which is what I did with the Donohue. That needed new forks anyway though so didn't cost too much extra.

  • Photo Jim - Thanks, I may just get cheap stem and bars tbh. Second thought made me think oversized wouldnt look particularly good on this.

    I only do about 10 miles a day so would prefer to have this as a daily beater, not that the langsters a particularly expensive/nice bike in comparison to others on here. It will all depend on how it feels to ride tbh so will see wha happens.

    Also I cant keep out of the Rat Bike thread... Something about ratty steel that makes me weak at the knees!

  • Kyle, I've got a quill stem and handlebar combo you could have for cheap, nothing special or particularly pretty though! Send me a message on Facebook if you want photos etc.

  • Ah yeah I remember you saying you have bits lozenger, but tbh mate I literally have no disposable income this month so will probs message you when I do. Will probs need that seatpost you mentioned too!

    Crankset though....

    What can I get that's black, really good, 165 crank length and won't cost me more than £100?

    Thoughts on Sram S100?

  • loz's omniums look immense and i saw a second hand pair (silver, i want black) go on ebay for just under £100. Loz swears by his and his word seems good by me.... on some things....

  • Couple of questions guys.

    Well first one is not so much of a question... See this for sale thread.. I'm 90% certain this is built by the same tubing. Pretty much identical, even the rear brake bridge thing (is that what it's called?).

    Edit: actually the brake bridge on mine isn't in a triangle like shape.

    Secondly, how do I measure the headset size that I need?

    Was thinking to build it up with cheap parts but now I know it's a bit more valuable it would be a shame if I did.

    Chris King headset anyone?

  • Hmm, been toying with the idea of building this up as geared. However I have no idea where to start re groupsets. Ploughed through the first few pages of the "Which Groupset" thread however they only go on about newer ones (so far) ! Were there any vintage groupsets in black?!

    Also bought a few bits, made a boo boo and bought a 27.2 seatpost. Turns out it wont go in lol. Probs needs 27.0 But plans are:

    • Archetypes - laced to the hubs shown above (From Langster)
    • Gumwalls
    • B17
    • Sugino 75 (If fixed)
    • Drops

    and all the other little bits. Will be trying SPD's for the first time too!

    If any of you can offer gruppo advice then that'll be appreciated, especially older ones! If the 'Which Groupset' thread is the way forward then dont worry, I'm on it!

  • Can anyone point me in the right direction of an article, probably Sheldon Brown, that tells you which order you should measure bb, crankset and wheel spacing for optimum chainline? I tried googling and UTFS'ing but I've not yet been successful.

    Headset is a cheapo £6 for now and stem and handlebars are quite decent irrc. Bought them from a guy in Amsterdam, has an ebay shop!

    I made the mistake of thinking I'll get decent money for my Langster parts. I didnt - I should have kept them for this so now I'm trying to build it up cheap just so I can use it!


  • Oh and seatpost is 27.2 btw. ffs, got rid of two of them too!!

  • Managed to rummage a few parts together to knock this thing up and it rides fantastic. Please excuse non drive side drivetrain - in my haste I failed to put them on the correct side.

    Untitled by kaaaaaaandries, on Flickr

    Untitled by kaaaaaaandries, on Flickr

    Untitled by kaaaaaaandries, on Flickr

    Untitled by kaaaaaaandries, on Flickr

  • dont the pedals just unscrew????

  • probably not. the threads are oriented in a way as to prevent locking by over tightening.
    if the bearings bind a lot - and I mean a very lot - the pedals might be harder than usual to remove later on.

  • Apparently it'll affect the cog and lockring more than anything due to the way that tightens, so the more you pedal the more it'll try to unlock the cog...

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Graham pls

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