• Bit too nice as a lockup bike? I might need to make it look shitter.

  • bit of a necrobump, but might have been me on this Dave - have been commuting out from Brockley for years on this. Frame is a bit of a heavyweight random mix, bought second-hand on eBay in a hurry when I trashed my previous road/commute frame - seattube sticker is Columbus PRX but the guy said he thought every tube was different. It was one of a pair of two matching Daves owned by this guy - one with lighter tubes and tighter clearances & this one with heavier tubes and generous clearances as the winter trainer. He was a bit chunkier than me, though, so I think it's a bit overweight for me. Feels indestructible for schlepping around town though. It's 59cm and tbh a bit small for me - that's a Technomic stem at max height...

    Paint is getting a bit trashed on the driveside chainstay & elsewhere these days, have been thinking about getting some rack mounts added & a respray in a more jazzy colour (maybe with a fade...)

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  • this tandem is so ace!!

  • Hahah you bastard, you keep finding all the gorgeous Yates' I want to buy.

    Somebody buy that so I don't have to.

  • Hey thanks for the tandem love.

    I feel like I've seen you on your blue Yates on Wickham Road going north of a morning..? It looks great.

  • Thought I'd post this here and see if anyone recognises it, it's a bit unusual......... I don't know anything about it, but it's a really nice ride: anybody know anything about it? I'd really like to know why it's the way it is!

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  • The design is called “e-stay” - it was a trend for a while to avoid chainsuck when your bottom bracket area got clagged up with UK mud. Looks great!

  • Thanks for the information, I've been wondering about it for a while; the spoking on the front wheel is a bit different too, was it called "snowflake" or similar? Anyway it's a nice thing to ride, unfortunately it's lost the smaller chain rings over the years and it's a bit hilly round here, if anyone recognises what's on it it would be helpful when I'm looking around on Ebay for replacements....... I'd quite like to keep it more or less as it was when originally built..

  • Wow, that is quite a find! How can it have been unused for so long, the clothing too?

  • Just spotted this yellow Wayfarer on Gumtree. I know of this bike via the owner's blog, Life Awheel - he's a proper big distance cycle tourist. £995, but overhauled and with XT/CK/Thompson etc. It also looks like it'd fit me better than my one, but hey ho...

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  • Oof.

  • This one has to go. Can any of you experts here give me an idea on realistic asking price please?

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  • Here’s my 1999 Condor Baracchi - as seen on yesterday’s Cobblemonster

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  • Signed up here just because of this thread, in order to share this my 1990s Dave Yates Diablo. Originally sold as a Pearson, I bought it secondhand in 1995 or thereabouts. Since then the frame has been back to Dave twice for some mods and repainting; last time I had him convert the Pace RC30 forks to Aheadset fitting. Little remains of the original I bought beyond the frame and forks, think the XT cranks are as I bought it, but now runs V-brakes with XTR RapidFire+, XT rear mech; LX front; pretty sure this is the third set of wheels I have had - on the last set the flange came off the front Hope hub on the steep downhill in Richmond Park.
    Sadly sees little use these days but has done a fair few long distance rides like C2C and Way of the Roses.

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  • that's class - love the custom sprayed RC30s...

  • Great looking Diablo. Gotta love that much history.

  • This needs buying

  • Classy, and long-lived

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Dave Yates built frames (inc Joe Waugh, custom Condor, Paris, Pearson...)

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