• A few months back I grabbed this from @Hamishio

    It’s going to be a slow project but so far the helpful guys at Punk Bikes Cardiff help get the seatpost out and ended up having to cut the stem out as it had welded solid steel stem/steel expander/steel steerer.

    I’ve managed to get a full silver Campagnolo Athena 11sp groupset up for a ridiculously good price on eBay; sadly it came with a 175mm 53/39 power torque chainset but then low and behold @Bainbridge came to the rescue with a much needed matching Athena 172.5mm 50/34 ultra torque.

    I’m currently in fork deliberation. The TIME pair that came with it were cut too short when the stem was removed.
    I picked up some LOOK forks off here but it looks as if the carbon steerer has at some what a stem overtightened so don’t think I’m going to risk it.
    So I’m now trying to decide whether to go threaded or unthreaded and straight blade steel or Columbus Minimal?

    In time the frame with have a small dent in the top tube filled and painted (probably burgundy metallic and white decals).

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  • @furious_tiles Good luck with it. Look forward to seeing the finished build.

  • No! No it hasn't. Thanks! Would like to see some examples.

  • Nice. White bieks suck anyway. Burgundy sounds good. I know this bike, it's light considering it's a bit of a gate.

  • Would take this off your hands like a shot, looks like it would fit me.

    Just noticed you posted it on page four! I loved it then. Are you genuinely thinking of shifting it?

  • Spotted for sale (not cheap). I think this is lovely.

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  • It’s a beaut! Look at those fillets. Where’s it for sale?

  • Isn't it? 631 and just looks like such a sweet ride. On the CTC forum... actually a his'n'hers pair.

  • Still hoping someone will post a DONKIS NOB up on here. Seem to change hands for quite good money when Retrobike people have posted em.

  • I bought this off eBay several years ago. It looks Dave Yates-ish at the seat tube cluster but there’s no frame number that I can find to check.

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  • Maybe. Do you think the fork is original to the frame? Not sure what DY’s feelings are on drilling fork tubes for bosses, was about to say it might be a Roberts (Winston Vaz mentioned he did the stay-ends, scooped in like that, for them, but he doesn’t like drilling into forks much). Could be an Overbury’s, Kevin Winter, or some other builder. If you ever take the fork out, that might have a serial. It may be one on the BB is there, filled with pink paint?

  • PS lovely bike mate.

  • The fork isn’t original. If I remember, the guy I bought it from had it made to fit the rack. I looked on the bb shell and couldn’t see anything - it might well be filled in with paint.

  • PS lovely bike mate.

    Thanks! In 40 years of bike riding I think it might be my favourite.

  • Thinking about the external sleeve shape on the seat tube, my Yates tandem has ones like this, point at the front, flat at the back:

  • grr pics won’t post

  • It's a Yates built Condor.

  • It's a Yates built Condor.

    When I looked it up in the past it looked like it could be a Condor Cyber. Fillet brazed head tube and lugged at the BB.

  • There was no model decal on it. But it's 100% a Condor. I had it painted and the forks built.

  • There was no model decal on it. But it's 100% a Condor. I had it painted and the forks built.

    Was it you I bought it off in Sheffield?

  • Thank you! Nicest bike I've ever owned!

  • Ace! Glad to hear it!

  • While I'm here. Have you seen this Skullchopper? Has it been for sale forever? I'm sure I saw it years ago - same photos.

    Nicey but pricey.


  • Thanks for clearing that^^^ up,

    And no, don’t think I’d seen that. Tasty.

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Dave Yates built frames (inc Joe Waugh, custom Condor, Paris, Pearson...)

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