• So good, can't wait to see it built up!

  • New bike on the way to me. I will ride it for a while whilst collecting parts, respray it and have a bling (Paul/Nitto/XT) build.

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  • Any more pics?

  • Not with me yet but this is from the listing. £270 from CTC forum.

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  • £270 from CTC forum.

    Dude! You sure do get the bargains.

  • Keep forgetting to take a photo of this now it’s built ...

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  • @Skülly
    Looking good! Those brakes are mad, what are they?

    Anyway, the reason I'm here is let all you Joe Waugh fans that I have this small 653 frame (with issues) going free to a good home:

    Please can someone take it? I love Joe Waughs and can't bring myself to chuck it in the bin.

  • Hey man! Thanks. Those are a direct mount brake called ‘roller cam’. In this case Suntour XCD, which I randomly got nos for a song on ebay - right time, right place! Seen a pair for four times the price since. They’re really sure-footed and I’m dead impressed. I guess in time I’ll find out why they didn’t catch on. Clearance for mudguards is a bit limited by the big moustache-shaped cam plate. Also I believe as the blocks wear down the geometry means thetly ride up and the tyre gets rubbed which is obvs something to keep an eye on, but the shoe mounts are so adjustable I can’t really see a problem with tweaking as they wear. Like all direct mount brakes (Paul, Mafac, Hearse etc), they seem to be a bit niche.

    Hopefully someone will take your Joe Waugh on, Winston Vaz fitted a new chainstay to the above tandem, did a beautiful job and incredibly cheap. Good on you for posting that here.

    Take care buddy, looking forward to seeing your Vaz take shape.

  • Nice small Joe Waugh on ebay atm... not cheap but it's a nice build:

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  • If anyone has any Dave Yates 853 frames (58/59/60cm) they are thinking of parting with, I'd be very interested.

    If you've got a Dave's Yates condor, I'd bloomin love a look in too. Cheers!:)

  • Indeed I have one of both. The green Condor Pendio is right behind me as I type, but the scarlet lugless Yates 853 lives a quiet life with my bro in Somerset — he is fairweather rider. Both too small for you, even were they for sale!

    I see you are being ticked off for disrespect towards 'senior members' over on another thread?

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  • Talk to me about the red one!

  • Seen the black one on ebay? It’s lovely.

  • Oh sorry ignore me it’s got a a 530mm TT.

  • Disrespectful, am I? *Sweat emoji

    I can't see the attached picture for some reason, why does the internet tease me so!

    Well hope you're enjoying the DY beauties however frequent the ride

  • Yeah spied that baby already. Have YOU seen the Condor Reynolds 853 753 number? I wouldn't go for the deep profile wheels but the fork and frame are beautiful.

    Maybe I could purchase, live in a room with no sunlight for a few years and then the 56cm CTC would fit me

  • Or file yourself down little by little?

    I hadn't seen that Condor. Does look nice, but not £2K nice.

  • Filing my own legs, of course! Haha.

    Yeah £2k, think i'm made of money son

  • I am really finding it hard to believe that black one is really that small. i.e. I'm trying to find a reason to buy it.

  • Crap photos, but here is a Dave Yates tandem a buddy and I picked up. We'll doing it up for audaxing this summer.

    Interesting 90s Hope disc mount on the fork and Hope drum brake rear hub, but sans drum.

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  • I messaged the guy about the black one saying if he's 5ft 7 how could a 50cm ctc be 'too big'. He said it was the reach that was too long, apparently he's got a oddly short torso.

    Could of detailed the abnormal body anatomy in the description, jeez

  • Just a tease...

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  • Fully dressed...

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  • ohhhhhh baby

  • Dunno if it has been mentioned on here but Dave Yates built the brazed Pearson steel frames from the late 90s to mid 00s, maybe a bit later.

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Dave Yates built frames (inc Joe Waugh, custom Condor, Paris, Pearson...)

Posted by Avatar for Skülly @Skülly