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  • Another selfie

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  • And more problems with this site, EVERY time I want to upload a picture, it's not me

  • If you want to get it looked at, post the issue here:


    Describe what it is you do and Velocio may be able to fix it. We do have the advantage of having a very hands-on site administrator here.

  • Spotted in a bike shop window

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  • Another one spotted today.very small frame with a triple groupset

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  • Considering snapping this up for use as a cx/townie bike; any reason that's a terrible plan? anyone have insight on tire clearances or geo weirdness on these old Yates touring frames?

  • I've gone from 23 tyres to 25 , plenty of clearance, back end was at 126 and I've had this cold set to 130 to take modern equipment if I ever decide to upgrade, my geometry is tighter than yours and I'm sure you will be fine

  • So he generally built with generous clearances? That's good to know. I'd like to be able to run 35's and I'm guessing what's on there in that photo is 28's or so. I reckon this one is 126 at the rear as well due to the 5spd but suppose I'd just Sheldon Brown it out to 130 if I wanted to live that life.

  • Wee respray and some new wheels for my M Steels 531c frameset.

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  • Ah, was that the red one on the previous page ?

  • I'm shocked to hear about M Steels, do you know if it was a financial or health issue that has forced this closure, ? Fingers crossed everyone is well

  • Ah that's a shame. I've been using their 'inner tubes 4 u' site for a while now. Got in touch recently about accidentally ordering presta valve brompton tubes (despite selecting schraeder!) and got a really quick and very helpful response from them.

  • No idea I'm afraid - came as just as much a shock to me too. I understand the shop was shuttered as of yesterday morning.
    I'm gutted - they've always been my go-to LBS for anything I can't sort myself. Had been meaning to pop along and pick up a couple more of their branded water bottles too..

  • Just me again

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  • Nice. Classic proportions!

  • .

  • I was asked to add this here when it was built. Have really enjoyed building this up. I am fairly convinced it was a TT frame as it's super long (I'll need to change the stem before I do any real distance on it) and the clearance at the back has only allowed me to put a 20mm tyre on. I think I'll get away with a slightly bigger tyre that's not Conti. Ideally gumwall.

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  • 1989 Yates, powder coated last year. Next outing Velo South 100

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  • Full build, black finish is powder coat (sorry purists) with a polychromatic sparkle, disco Dave some call it....

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Dave Yates built frames (inc Joe Waugh, fancy Condor, Paris ...)

Posted by Avatar for Skülly @Skülly