Tokyo - Kyoto dream trip

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  • Hey,
    so doing my dream trip / ride this summer. Tokyo to Kyoto.
    Wondering if anybody can give me any heads up on how to approach this.
    Like has anyone done it before (except that bike movie we have all seen)?
    Should I get a bike in Tokyo or bring with me? Don't mind buying a new one but will be traveling to indonesia afterwards so don't want anything bling. Was thinking of maybe bringing a beater and leave/sell after the ride.
    All the rides I seem to find is north of mount fuji but I want to go via Kamakura and Enoshima (south of Mt Fuji). Anyone know about that route? Wouldn't mind combining some train / bike action rather than doing bike only..
    Anyone has any connection on whom to talk to over there?

  • There are a few people on here who live in Kyoto i think. I used to live in Kobe for many years, but never cycled to Tokyo. Can't offer any advice on routes, but just for Japan generally (and i did some touring in summer in other parts)

    It is fine to camp anywhere, so bringing tent/bivy can be useful. Summer will be hhuummiiiddd, so be prepared to drink crazy amounts of water. If you aren't looking to camp, then staying in Popeye internet cafes is your best bet.. 1000yen or so for a reclining chair, your own booth, free shower and ice cream. The cheapest way to stay in Japan for sure, and certainly adds to the experience. Otherwise you may be able to find some 'rider houses', which are hostels mainly designed for motorbikers, but usually open to cyclists, and are also around 1000yen for a bed for the night.

    Good luck

  • What movie?

  • This one? TOKYO TO OSAKA on Vimeo

    Personally I think the Japan countryside is far to nice to stick to the flat areas and ride fixed gear on such a trip. Take to the countryside, the hills, the coast and the built up areas, enjoy all the variety.

  • Did Kyoto - Tokyo fixed a couple of years ago. Passed through Enoshima and Kamakura (had lived there previously) as well, good choices.

  • Also forgot to add yesterday but this could give you some ideas of some nice rides to take along the way -

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Tokyo - Kyoto dream trip

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