Red Bikes: Dolan Disc³

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  • About a month.

    Just be aware of:

    It is still ali express "quality"
    Clearance is still tight for the rotor/caliper. Only one spot that fits.
    m5 bolt for the disc brake is a strange decision....
    Returns are not really possible

  • Thru axle update:
    The left/disc-side end cap from a dt swiss 350 front hub is a really good fit (here 9mm axle), just 0.5mm too long:

    15mm, 12mm and QR should be the same fit. Unfortunately they are quite expensive...

    So I tried this novatec setup:

    plus previous stuff:

    100mm exactly. Maybe I'll remove the extra flange later:

  • Incredible. Keep us posted with regards to death by carbon fork. Guess it's between this fork and the Condor disc one. The spare DT Swiss front wheel I've got kicking about comes with all the adaptors so either would work. And I do like a bargain...

  • Seriously awesome. Thru axle will probably help the flexiness of those trispokes

  • Probably not. Thru-axles are meant to stiffen the fork by closing the gap between the fork legs.

  • Yes it is cheap/suspect!

    I also bought a thru bolt thats in the post:

  • The what? Surely a wider triangle would be stronger/stiffer. Or maybe ive misunderstood

  • You are right.
    But the through axle becomes part of the fork assembly and doesn't change the physical properties of the wheel.
    In order for the wheel to become stiffer you would have to increase the flange diameter of the hub or use a different material altogether.

  • Do thru-axles not have higher clamping forces? Stiffness can also be noticed between QRs, say between a superlight PX ti skewer vs a Shimano closed cam skewer. Where the former might lead to the brake pads rubbing when climbing and the latter will not. @mdcc_tester might be able to explain better than me

  • It'd be nice to have @mdcc_tester weigh in on this. I'm just a design-engineering student.

  • I think the point is that in a traditionally spoke-d wheel there is relatively little rim movement (deflection) side to side as it is pulled by each pair of spokes. This means that you notice the issue at the hub more, which is why the different skewers make a difference there.

    AFAIK the issue with a carbon wheel is that it fundamentally isn't as laterally stiff as a spoke-d wheel so they will always be flexy

  • I'm just a design-engineering student

    So do a study of the engineering design.

  • reused my jig for another rim, now with slightly angled holes (notice yellow doorstopper...)

    for a 12 spoke wheel (...actually 30 spokes in groups)

    DT swiss 350 front disc hub
    Kinlin xr31 rim (from superstarcomponents Arc31DISC)
    5 different spoke lengths/types, could probably get it down to 3 on a rebuild.
    heat shrink tubing

    I'm going to redo the heat shrink used for the fairings erhhm structural spoke support.
    It turned out much thicker than expected so probably not very aero. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of the build :)
    I have found another type with thinner walls and less shrinkage. Will also end up neater 2. time round.

    The whole wheel seems very solid but I haven't tested it yet.

  • I love it. Bonkers but I love it.

  • Crazy wheel boss!

  • Any more crazy updates? :)

  • Ha, thanks

    Not much...

    I have revised the '12' spoke wheel 2 times, reducing the spoke count down to 24 dt swiss new aero spokes, with elbows out on both sides for stiffness. also thinner heatshrink tubing:

    It works fine, I have used it about half the time since I built it. There is slight cloverleafing, (rim bumps out between spokes) so next build with this type of rim (alu 31mm deep) is going to be with at least 16 spokes.

    I AM thinking about making some aero cranks + a '6' spoke deep carbon wheel. Should be soon....

  • Interesting/entertaining as always.

  • One of my favourite threads! Do you have more info on how you prototyped the rear disc brake mount? Do you have a cad or sketchup?

  • Thanks (& @russmeyer)

    I have a 2d sketch in illustrator somewhere. I will try to find it.

  • New frame:


    I´ll probably repaint it a slightly lighter shade of red.

  • This one of the new style setas? I'm looking forward to how you hack a disc onto the back of this

  • Yes it is. yes Im also looking at that...

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Red Bikes: Dolan Disc³

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