Red Bikes: Dolan Disc³

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  • I found some front 26" mtb wheels in the garbage and tried one out on my pompetamine. Front end drops 3cm. Big success. Low trail steering is really nice. The bike is much more agile.

    So now I made this!: DIY sliding dropouts.... (and pictures!)

    It raises the backend 25mm and together with the surly disc trucker fork (the short version, 376mm axle to crown) the bike ends up with a 74 degree headtube. I really like the way it handles now.

    The rear wheel is a shimano "singlespeed" disc wheel with no dish made by combining a old generation xtr hub with an 5 speed freehub. The OLD spacing is set to 122mm and it fits with the added aluminium dropouts (122mm + 6.5mm + 6.5mm = 135mm).

    (shimano 5 speed freehub, 7 speed freehub, and standard 9 speed freehub, all for 10mm axle)

    Version 1.5!

    Well its not quite weightweenie:

    and the brake needs to be installed before the wheel.

    I don't know how tough raw aluminium is for wear, so i'll just have to wait and see what happens. maybee a steel version is a good idea.

  • ingenious!
    can you post photos of the brake lever mod again, please?

  • thanks!

    Still looks like this:

    Old photos:­ml

    and explanation:­ml

  • You sir are mental

    Good work :)

  • I'm testing out my homemade hydraulic drop bar lever:

    It looks weird but is quite comfy. The silver tape is for more grip from the hoods

    Still needs some work. I miss bite point/free stroke adjustment, so the lever is a bit softer than the right one (old cable to hydro converted).

    Id really like a pair of hylex levers but until I can afford them ill mess around with this.

  • one of the best things i have seen on this forum...!

  • Doesn't look like you're gaining a lot switching to the other lever blade? Badass nonetheless

  • strangely arousing. ;-)

  • Haha thanks.

    Doesn't look like you're gaining a lot switching to the other lever blade?

    about 3cm less reach from bar to lever blade. The discbrake lever is made for straight bars, so is pretty far away when mounted on a dropbar. But it also depends on where you drill the holes in the new lever blade.

  • A small mod.

    Bite point/free stroke adjuster (= how much/little lever travel before the brake "bites"/starts working):

    Before: 1. was lever reach adjuster.

    Now: 2. is a M5 bolt that acts as a lever stop and can be turned up or down = new lever reach adjuster.

    Because 2. blocks the lever from moving further out, 1. now moves the piston start position deeper into the housing (and thereby the brakepads start position closer to the rotor) = bite point adjuster

  • Love it: real "kitchen sink" stuff!

    Are you an engineer/mechanic/mad scientist?

  • Thanks!


  • 28/23mm tires + left hylex lever

    I'm still undecided about if 36cm deda bars is a good idea

  • Obviously you have already swap the levers, but you can use Sugru to give the hood some shape.

    Not a great example, but you get the idea;

  • I've sculpted the hood with something called apoxie-sculpt:

    but an extra layer of sugru on top sounds like a good idea if it is flexible/soft.

  • Excellent work, very impressed.

    What are the two lever models used? I recognise a Cane Creek drop bar hood but my Cane Creek levers have no reach adjustemt unless I've missed it. I'm tempted to employ your modification though.

  • The cabel pull lever in the first pictures is a Cane creek scr-5c.
    The modified hydraulic one is a shimano m595 (discontinued, but m505 is nearly the same)

    The lever blade is from a r100 shimano road lever (I think...)
    the cool one is a TRP Hylex lever.

    or are you asking about something else?

  • Much appreciated. I think that covers the lot.

  • ghetto win

  • <3 this

  • Pompetamine frame died. Chainstay cracked (nothing to do with me removing the chainstay bridge a year earlier...).

    So I bought a Dolan Pre Cursa and moved parts over. I have been riding it for a couple of months. It feels faster!

    I am also fiddling with ideas for a rear disc brake bracket, as only 1 brake is a bit stupid. Coming soon...

  • Looks nice, keen to see the rear disc brake bracket.

    That chairing looks massive.

  • Which forks do you have on the pre cursa? Looks like an awesome bike

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Red Bikes: Dolan Disc³

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