Migrating from vBulletin to Microcosm

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  • We're working on the export tool for vBulletin, and the import tool for Microcosm.

    The gist of this is that it's a two stage thing:

    1. Export LFGSS into a set of JSON files
    2. Import JSON files into Microcosm

    The big thing to note: There isn't perfect parity between the two systems.

    Meaning, some data will be lost, intentionally.

    This happens whenever you migrate between any two systems as every system has it's own way of dealing with certain things.

    For example, in vBulletin, there is a field on a post which is "show_signature". And Microcosm just doesn't have signatures. So that field is going nowhere, it will cease to exist and the values lost.

    Examples of things that look like they'll be lost:

    1. Tags
    2. Similar threads (seldom to never clicked, at the bottom of the page)
    3. Forum hierarchy

    Example of things that won't exist in the future but exist now:

    1. Prefixes... "For Sale:" will become part of the thread title

    The tags thing. I may create posts out of tags... but to do so is going to attribute them to the authors and will cause a lot of politics as people did really presume they were private even though I said they were not.

    The rest though, the basics... looks like it will work fairly well.

  • You break it, you buy it.


  • Heh, there's a something... there's another offer to buy LFGSS on the table. And an investor we spoke to on Friday very much felt that I should be focused on Microcosm and let go of LFGSS (he doesn't really comprehend how little I do round these parts nowadays).

    It's all pipe-dream though, importing the forum is the key bit. There's a vBulletin security patch out that would require re-building all of the servers. Nuts.

  • Who owns LFGSS?

  • Velocio

  • via some buro69 tax dodge off shore tax haven arrangement

  • Are you going to bring tags back to the football thread half an hour before you begin migration, to give them a last hurrah?

  • just make sure you un ban ramaye and pisti for the occasion

  • Who owns LFGSS?

    Me personally right now. But I think after LFGSS CC is established and ticking over I would prefer it to be owned by the club.

    I guess the best way to do that whilst retaining the ability to act as an uplift to Microcosm is to write a contract that grants ownership of the forum to LFGSS CC (a non-profit, CASC) on the proviso that the hosting is by Microcosm for as long as Microcosm exists under equal terms that Microcosm provides the service to any other forum.

    I haven't figured this out, but I always personally felt that the site was owned collectively by users rather than me personally, and the club is a good way to actually make that so and help two good things exist.

    The club committee would have to agree to such a thing of course.

    Are you going to bring tags back to the football thread half an hour before you begin migration, to give them a last hurrah?

    I could. They wouldn't be brought over, so why not.

    just make sure you un ban ramaye and pisti for the occasion

    Bans here wouldn't apply there. They could... but I'm not exporting them as I want to see if a new interface helps shape different (better) social interactions that reduce the need to have people banned.

  • No real loss then

  • Examples of things that look like they'll be lost:

    1. Tags

    So we lose tags and gain banned people
    Seems a fair exchange

  • How long until the transition?

  • How long until the transition?

    I'm eager for change.

  • I fear change...

  • I fear change...

    Hippy's cat avatar-itis?

  • Such controversy..

  • Does anyone have any change?

  • 60p on the desk here you're welcome to and a load of coppers

  • Not police, the other ones

  • How long until the transition?

    Soon, the exporter is being written.

    During writing that it's become obvious that we need to complete the permissions management tools within Microcosm. This is because there isn't perfect parity between vBulletin and Microcosm and I wouldn't want to make any of the private forums public by accident.

    Work has therefore shifted to permissions tools, and will shift back to the export and import tools once this is done.

    We were hoping to get everything done by end of April, but we have a hard deadline of end of June.

    We are allowing on-boarding and supporting new customers to take priority as Microcosm needs to be a platform for all forums rather than specifically tailored just to LFGSS.

  • Can you clarify what will be lost and what will be transferred.

    Do we all have to make accounts on persona for microcosm? If so does that mean that essentially all data associated with a username will no longer link to it?

    Are all the threads and posts being moved over or does it start from scratch?

    How about stats, rep, PMs, post count, etc?


  • Will grudges, beefs and cliques move over? Or do we need to start from scratch?

  • Fuck you!

  • Sorry, jumped the gun a bit.

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Migrating from vBulletin to Microcosm

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