Flac file or Wav file albums

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  • Recently bought a Naim Superuniti and looking for a good place to download complete albums in Flac or Wav format.

    Have found a good store called HD tracks based in the US but you can only buy if you have a us credit card.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • Get one of those top-up credit cards and use that for the store?

    Top it up when you want to buy something new, essentially a pay-as-you-go system.

    I think a lot of people do it to access US iTunes - give it a Google and you might get something useful...

  • Bleep

  • Boomkat?

  • flac everytime
    uncompressed setting is cd quality 1 for 1 facsimile of the data on the cd

    windows media won't handle flac though
    there are plenty of ways around that though

  • Posters question was about where to buy flac or wav files.

    Obviously flac is a no brainer. But legally purchasing them is problematic I guess. Small artists usually sell directly in a number of file formats, and for the big ones. Well you could just torrent.

  • This article has a few suggestions

    I have the Superuniti to and I burn CD's. It's little more time consuming but i've found it generally to be cheaper and you have access too a larger choice of artists.

  • linn records website

  • Bandcamp, supports the artists more than most too. Choice of formats. Obviously have to know what you're looking for, or can search by genre/popularity.

  • I buy cds and rip them. Much better choice of album and have hard copy backups is a plus.

  • I buy cds and rip them. Much better choice of album and have hard copy backups is a plus.

    this would be my option too

  • Thanks everyone for the advice. Someone on the Audiophile thread has suggested that HD track are coming to the UK ( not sure if True )

  • Just reading that HD tracks are coming to the Uk at the end of Q1 this year

  • Just reading that HD tracks are coming to the Uk at the end of Q1 this year

    The albums are far too expensive! $25 for Van Morrison's Moondance vs £7 from Play (CD).

  • You can download a lot of stuff on bandcamp in FLAC format

  • What ripping software is best?

  • I use DBPoweramp.

    Can rip simultaneously to different formats using custom folder/filenames, uses a number of online databases to find tags, verifies the rip afterwards, using a few different methods for reading corrupted CDs, etc.

    Also good for converting between formats.

    I think the other popular one is Exact Audio Copy, not used that.

  • ripped my cd's with dbpoweramp
    would recommend
    just get the setting right before you start and it's just a matter of putting a cd in the drawer and clicking a button

  • Just bought a second hand Cyrus streamline and getting back in to decent music. BoomKat looks good - is there anywhere else I should try? Most of my music is MP3... :(

  • Try Bandcamp

  • Thanks. Just started using songkong to manage ID3 and album art. Does anyone know if there’s a benefit in getting a plex pass subscription (for a music library)?

  • What is MP3?

  • Honestly the easiest way of getting your hands on FLAC is via private torrent sites. The current largest site after what.cd's untimely demise currently has almost 700k albums in FLAC and 30k active users. If it makes you feel guilty just find the artist's website and buy some merch, they get a bigger cut from that anyway.

    You should also determine whether it's worth the effort and disc space as very few people have ears and a system good enough to distinguish between lossless and mp3 V0.

  • I agree with the point about the difference between mp3 v0 and lossless, although considerations for me in having opted for FLAC many years ago were: 1) the future-proofing benefit of being able to transcode to whatever new formats might emerge, and; 2) the absence of DRM.

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Flac file or Wav file albums

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