• Hi all, need to get rid of some stuff before leaving UK at the end of the month.

    1. SKS race blades in black - rear used lightly for a couple of months. Front still brand new.

    ~~2. HHSB cockpit combo - 100 black Jag, black Nitto B260aa risers and Vans waffle grips. risers and grips were brand new couple of months ago and this setup has only seen light use the past few months.

    1. Wheelset from my 2011 Fuji Feather. I brought these with me to the UK nearly two years ago and since then they have been sat in storage.
      Not a light or good wheelset (but bombproof). Just need to get rid of them. Comes with tyres and tubes.

    2. I also need to get rid of my old frame - 2011 49cm Fuji Feather. It got damaged in transit in 2012. Compacted seat tube and the stays are slightly out, I got it checked over at a bike shop and they said it is still fine to ride. It's been sat in storage since last August.~~

    Let me know if you think my prices are unreasonable. Also feel free to make me an offer. I will post pictures this evening.

    Should also add that I'm not willing to post at this stage. But can deliver to almost anywhere in London.


  • Dibs the wheels and fuji frame please pending pics
    PM for you

  • Dibs risers and grips if split

  • 2nd dibs frame for Lazysuperhero.

  • dibs on ste/riser/grip combo pending pics.

  • 2nd dibs on the wheels

  • are the wheels still available? photos please

  • If everyone else who has dibs on wheels bails/falls off the edge of the earth. Then I would like them please and frame if no one takes.

  • Dibs raceblades, PMing now

  • pictures please

  • Sorry for the delay everyone, I'm uploading the photos to Flickr right this moment.

    Frame and wheelset provisionally sold to Adscan, and mudguards provisionally sold to Ok123..

  • It's really hard to photograph stem and risers not on a bike..

  • Mudguards - will clean the crap off the rear one before handing over. Just haven't had time

  • The wheelset - pretty grubby after being in storage for two years but again will give it a good clean before handing over to new owner.

    And the frame.. currently not in my possession - still sitting at my friends house after swapping all the parts over 6 months ago. Was meant to collect this evening but haven't been able to get in contact after my phone fell out of my pocket somewhere along Essex Road. Will hopefully be collecting the frame tomorrow afternoon. So here is a horrendous photo from last year, just to give you an idea..

  • Bah...unlikely nth dibs on wheels

  • Mudguards, wheels and frame sold pending collection.

    Price drop on the HHSB cockpit

  • Adscan pulled out of sale because he cannot collect tomorrow. I have PMed chickenleaverpuller, who had second dibs. Otherwise I will be giving frame and wheelset a good clean tomorrow afternoon and will be awaiting the first person with cash.

  • Next Dibs on wheels, pm sent

  • Everything has been sold or traded except for the mudguards.

    Thanks/rep to Shandoom, Dish, countryboj and Seven04 :-)

  • I'll take the mudguards.
    I will be on Sunday (morning) around Islington collecting some stuff already before heading to Epping Forest.
    Would you be willing?

    Alternatively I live in Twickenham and tomorrow evening I'll be in Ealing.
    Can't actually more from this plan, sorry.

    You near any of these places?

  • Cool, I live in Islington and will be about on Sunday morning. Drop me a PM with a time that suits you

  • Okay. Will do tomorrow as I have the little trip planned.

  • Mudguards sold, thanks anidel.

  • Rear one already on. Not needed, but already on. Thanks

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For Sale: SKS raceblades, Nitto Jag, B260aa risers, waffle grips, beater wheelset

Posted by Avatar for Shelbby @Shelbby