• That sounds really nice. Let me consult diary and get back you.

    "Dear Diary, I really want to go riding with @KT_Bee..."

  • Marvellous - let me know when your diary has opined.

  • Remind me, is Kent 1 the one that goes from St Mary Cray, Eynsford, Bower Lane, Ightham, Exedown, Knatts Valley?

    If so, I might be up for that instead of the Cambridge ride I'd floated elsewhere.

  • Yep - that's the one. Will prob set off from Brixton about 9 - poss a bit earlier. Would that suit?

  • It would indeed if the weather is half way decent. Early is not a problem. Geared?

  • Riding down to St Mary Cray or hopping on a train at Brixton station? (Definitely interested but not sure of my state tomorrow morning).

  • Riding out - I need miles. Weather is light showers currently. Leaving from outside Brixton cycles at 8.30? Will check route tonight - am sure we can add some meeting points on the way.

  • Brixton Cycles 8:30 works for me. If I wake up at all.

  • Have fun y'all... sadly I can't make this.

    If anyone fancies it I'll probably be doing Ingatestone at a similar time next week...

  • Let's hope you do, bruce. I may use this ride to see how well (or otherwise) I've assembled my new shiny geared bike. Will bring tools and some spare swearwords..

  • When checking the route, can you please bear in mind that to get from Brixton to St Mary Cray you may need to pass through Forest Hill or thereabouts. If your route does that, let me know, as I'll tag on from there if that's OK.

  • Will do

  • Thank you! I've texted my bro-in-law to see if he's interested - he loves riding in this part of the world. He used to race with the Dulwich crowd until a year or two ago, so if he comes he won't hold us up, we'll be holding him up.

  • Sorry for delay

    Suggested route out:

    Think we'll be passing through Forest Hill about 8.50

    And here's the route:

  • Top route - thank you KT and YAL. Nice to see it in daylight, complete with autumn colours, splendid agricultural architecture and considerate drivers. Oh, and Mrs Ludd laughed when she saw my mud-spattered face at the back door.

  • No, thank you! I had fun - it was beautiful out there, even if struggling to get up Exedown was quite a depressing experience. WIill post if I do more.

  • I don't think there's any other way up Exedown. I always struggle up it, even when I'm going well.

  • I think it was because I'd made it up fixed earlier this year, so to struggle on gears was a pretty clear sign I'd lost fitness

  • I think we need to go for end of 2014 season drinks, before 2015 season can start…

    Norths next week?

  • Don't we normally do the end of season drinks at a pub in Chingford?

  • Is that an invite to your house-warming party?

  • Not bloody likely.

  • There will be a summer daytime ride and BBQ though.

    Just need to buy the BBQ and replace the shed to something that will generate sufficient shed envy.

  • i'd be up for a drink. matt deserves one

  • Norths tho pls.


Wednesday Night Klub Run (WNKR 2014) - a bit like TNRC but not on a Tuesday

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