Saturday @ St Pauls

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  • Splitters!

  • Look what @Nabz95 went and did.

    I am absolutely floored.

  • This is incredible Nabil!

    I completely forgot about when you took that duck (goose?) home John!

  • @Nabz95

    Jo(e) the goose.

    Big day of riding with a goose rescue in the middle.

    Remember when we rode across the Dartford Crossing?!? That was your birthday right?

  • So much win.

    A great big pile of win with win sauce and winkles.

  • Yeah! I remember bailing straight down that works access road as soon as we came off the bridge.

  • Across the other lanes omg.

    Just thought could not be fucked having to listen to that guy rant so it was a better move to cut off any potential conversation.

  • I was gutted to miss that ride.

  • Fancy getting this ride back on the road once lock down is over.

    Fat middle aged and slow looking to spend saturday nights not in front of the telly.

  • I’d be down, they where fun. Prob stop me drinking quite so much on Saturdays too

  • I'd so be up for this, but I'm living in Nottingham now where we bought a house.

    Good luck though, SPFG rides were the best!

    I will occasionally be in London at the weekend with one of my bikes, so if you guys get this going again maybe I can do a ride or two with you.

  • I'll come out of retirement for this. Finish work at 6 but can try get out early if needs be

  • i stopped off at st pauls last week late at night and it almost felt like i was waiting for folks to turn up. some lovely times spent waiting on those steps

  • Tempted to do a @|³|MA3K overnight ride to deal, anyone game?

  • There's going to be one later in the summer I believe, probably August.

  • Who's organising it?! Surely not John...he doesn't live here anymore.

  • Think Dale is planning to do one which obviously has a perfectly named ride

    Dale with it

    Now to ensure he rides a Cannondale


  • DALE WiTH iT

    I coined that btw.

    Hope you guys get it together and have a great time.

    Wish I could be joining.


    Had a great time on the ride last year so was looking forward to this years go but away that weekend unfortunately. Sure it'll be a good one.

  • Fancy starting a few short rides, now the nights are getting shorter, to get some practice in.

    Fancy a wander but not no where near any fitness level.

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Saturday @ St Pauls

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