Saturday @ St Pauls

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    Instead of continuing to clutter up the last minute thread with 'such fixeh' I reckon its best to have a thread for these rides.
    A group of us have started to meet every couple of Saturdays at St Pauls for fixed rides in and around the city, and anyone is welcome to bring along their sweet fixeh/ss.

    -Meeting time tbc normally the day before. Could be 2pm could be 8pm, who knows.
    -Rides are (quite) fast paced, but any capable rider is welcome.
    -Routes are democratic, I've planned the first few, but I'm happy for anyone who wants to take the reigns for the week to erm take the reigns.


    rep modan for photos

  • Rep to everyone who came down last night. Was a good night, with some new faces. Getting schooled by pavement gangster mountain bikers in peckham made my night.

    Where next week? West London, Thames Clipper? Lucy's city route? Discuss.

  • If you can do Sat night I can finally make one of these.

    Wink wink nudge nudge.

  • i'd be happy to try my route out, bannon very kindly mapped it out for me. it's about 15miles but there are like... at least 10 stops. could obvs make these co-incide nicely with beer stops and i can tell you fun facts about where we've stopped.

    maybe next sat? bannon and i will try it out this week.

    i'm entirely happy just to ride anywhere though for the next one if there's no consensus/i haven't got my shit together by then>^.^<

  • ^^730/8pm it is then

    ^If your ready, we'll do that. And if not we can go sort of west round some parks and do Sven's favourite hill climb.

  • Down for this Saturday night again!

  • I'm in! And I'm happy to do a Route of my quickest ups and my favourite downs if need be. I'm well up for Lucy's route doh!

  • Very probably in.

  • Finally off on Saturday - I am IN!

  • Very probably not in.

  • subscribed, well up for a few of these

  • Might be off the work hopefully! If yes, defenitly joining a ride!

    Can't wait :)

  • my route isn't ready and i need to test it after making some adjustments. anyone else got any fave routes? otherwise i'm happy to meet at st pauls and roll out to eg hampstead, stratford, wherever. south was fun though

  • I can test with you tonight?
    If not, I'll sort something out with Sven and we'll go parks and west.

  • Ah. subscribes

  • I can test with you tonight?
    If not, I'll sort something out with Sven and we'll go parks and west.

    no can do, xsvcx and i have a date tonight. if we end up going for a ride i might holla though

    happy to ride wherever on saturday but please not too many telegraph hill-esque climbs because that shit's long and not all of us have sven's exuberance about climbs >^.^<

  • My fixeh is shit but I'm coming anyway

  • I've lost my 90° valve adapter thing and can't air into the silly wheels without it. So I'll have to ride the fixeishitter instead :(

  • You were going to ride a road bike for a 15 mile ride with 10 stops?!

    HTFU :P

  • Will be in for future rides, off to Liverpool tonight for the weekend though.

  • I was going to ride the Edwardes with the disc and the spok. Silly fixed.
    Silly road wheels don't require a 90° bend to get air into them. Use your minds, foxy.

  • ^ I will ride disc if you do ;)

  • Fuck don't think I can make this one :(

  • Unless it's day time!

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Saturday @ St Pauls

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