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  • You could apply to be a postman ;-)

    1). You'll be outside
    2). You'll be riding
    3). No more shitty trains

  • Wow. I did a 70k round trip commute three times a week and that was probably the limit for me. It was pan flat, Fulham to Woking, but because I didn’t have to navigate central London, it could be as quick as 55 minutes per 35k leg. With that said, would I have wanted to do more? Not really. Kit logistics etc would’ve become painful.

    You adapt relatively quickly but you’ve just gotta make sure you eat enough and get enough sleep.

  • I began to find the train journey's in and out London stressful as they are always delayed and overcrowded

    Once you stop, it feels ludicrous the things commuters put up with on a daily basis.

    But 60km in the rain each way is also 'a thing' I guess.

  • Sweet ride! With a commute like that you will be killing your mates on group rides.

  • Ha, I did some flyering for a local charity before Christmas and postal work is not a job I’d ever want to do, most folks driveways/front doors are death traps!

    @JB Most of last year I was doing ride in/train home or vice versa and it was good, got pretty fit - the reason I didn’t attempt both ways was I didn’t have the time - work are now saying the future could be that we’ll need to be in the office 2 days a week or to attend site meetings etc and they may scrap core working hours meaning I can ride a little longer in the morning and leave earlier in the afternoon in order to save train money... kit logistics will be key.

    @tb totally, and I didn’t have it that bad - didn’t ever need to get the tube... quit that looong ago!

    @damskodonny cheers! what mates? 😉

  • I’ve got a -17 zipp but 90mm stem if it’s suitable, service course SL so it’s a decent one

  • You still got the Look KG233? Picked one up earlier in the week, although probably won’t be ridden until summer!

  • No sadly not, I saw yours in the look thread and went through my old photos of mine, I’m annoyed I didn’t put more miles on it, it was a great bike... eBay notifications set 🤦♂️

    And re: stem I think 90mm is too short but thank you for the offer 👍🏻

  • The other 17 degree x 100 stems I have are currently fitted to bikes...

    Put some of your old Look images on the thread!

  • been searching for the photos of this Moots since the photo album disappeared... anyone know how to find it, it was a whole build album with a homemade di2 battery, looked nice at other stages as well...­42661096159081256/album/AF1QipPcl0nGDmhs­XwjewtGjANBC2s9Que6U_4iSOAR2?source=pwa­act-sl-2006/

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    • 82F164C7-1A46-48C6-A1E8-F8EC266CD2A7.jpeg
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    • C39139A9-D139-432D-A21F-E134D88EF507.jpeg
    • 62517B3B-0E69-45A7-92C5-E06AB2143C65.jpeg
  • Don't love the THM cranks, but other than that. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof.

  • Expensive! If you drag the image to google images you can see where else the image has been­hp?f=42&t=114 I'm presuming this is the build... in french but image host looks like its gone

  • ahha! you're a gent thank you, for some reason I thought it was built and documented on a german forum... shame the pictures are dead, was well documented - whats the price? I haven't got that far reading it....

    How did you search that by the way? I googled 'Compact SL THM' and sifted through the results until I found the images hosted as per the link - then I clicked the image and selected search google images and got a load of black road bikes with trees in the background... earlier I was happy with my google fu that I had found out what Columbus SLE was for the columbus Max thread but you've cracked it and I don't know how :(

  • I hear you but what else would have suited it on a weight weenie mission with a THM fork... best Moots I've seen but now owning one I'm surprised how tall they all are, and it seems once setup not many have a slammed stem to compensate - is this because the typical Moots rider is, erm, less flexible?

  • Yeah, I know, its appropriate, just not a huge fan. Fork is super cool though.

    Funny you say that. The only person I know who actually owns a Moots got an RSL and had to use spacers because it was way more aggressive than his Breadwinner's.

    Maybe it's cause they've just been worked on and haven't yet been dialled for customers, but you're right, all of the bikes on Moots IG have spacers. But then, so does my Seven which was full custom and most Moots are OTP geo.

  • Hah I mean Moots+Clavicula+Mfck $$$$$! I click and dragged the image you posted onto a google images search bar tab and that brought up the german forum and then followed one of the links posted to that light bikes thread!

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    • Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 20.27.17.png
  • ah man, that's peak bicycle for me. Even the greatest ever groupset - SRAM Red Black 10 speed

  • yeah for me too - really like the look of the ti fork on it as well, wonder how it rides...

  • I too, have no desire to shift from small to big 🙃

  • Ultegra front mech obvs...

    Also thinking that I prefer these decals...

  • Oh yeah, ha! Didn't know that was a thing back in 2012 when I had Force. The number of times I had to pull over to either shift with my fingers and pick up a dropped chain just from trying to shift ... I did love the feeling of shifting at the back with that group though. And the hoods. So comfy.

    Those decals do look great. Really great. Really don't like the direction moots have taken recently. They all look so cookie cutter.

  • I am surprised you weren’t jealous when i scored that on here for £120

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Lynskey Custom / Enigma/ Moots

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