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  • Had some exciting news recently and so the enigma is probably going up for sale in the coming month... feel free to PM if you’re interested
    (I’ll be keeping the EE’s as they were a gift to myself for getting qualified)


  • What will the replacement be?

  • Something I can find cheap on eBay, Look 595 would be nice...
    In the meantime I’ve got a wheelset to build for this for Paris-Roubaix!!

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  • Wheels done, 27mm open pave annoyingly come out at exactly 27mm... bugger...

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  • Would anyone like to buy the group off this?
    Shifters - Sram rival carbon 10speed
    Cranks - Sram red 10speed GXP
    BB - Sram team GXP
    Front mech - Shimano Ultegra
    Rear mech - Sram red 10 speed
    Brakes - Planet X lightweight CNC things
    Cassette - choices of sram/shimano 10speed
    Can include the Zipp service course bars and cinelli tape to save the hassle of removing the shifters...

  • Little update, still thinking of moving this on and getting a vamoots... will keep the ck wheels and ee brakes

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  • Sale thread coming...

  • Sale never happened and I’ve lent this to a friend who is training for an Ironman/woman whatever so I think I’ll carry this thread on to document the current state of the shed...
    In the last 6 months I’ve built a Parlee with Di2 and plastic wheels - it’s bloody good fun and has got me back on the road so chuffed with that! Problem is it’s not a very practical commuter :( - I’ve also been thinking it would be nice to build up a couple of serviceable bikes on the cheap to leave at train stations to give me a bit of flexibility with my commute...

  • So far I’ve picked up the following frames:

    1. Alan super record
    2. Look KG233 (Columbus brain)
    3. Colnago Dream B-stay (Columbus airplane)
    4. Roberts fillet brazed EL

    Groups I’ve got in the parts bin are:

    1. Full ultegra 6500 including wheels - bsa bb
    2. Campagnolo Veloce 10speed - bsa bb
    3. Shimano Di2 11speed - need front mech and junction box
    4. Mixed Sram red/rival from the enigma when I get it back...


    1. Bling pink r45 on Hed Belgium
    2. Mavic Cosmic (blue on blue 😬) 10speed only
    3. Hope/sp dynamo on archetypes
    4. 6500 ultegra mentioned above, needs freehub body
    5. Novatec on tb14 - needs front axle and bearings

    The only functioning bikes I have currently are the Parlee, a Scott mtb with child seat and a gazelle track bike wall hanger

    I can’t decide which combinations of the above to put together, each group/frame have their own issues and this is causing me more stress than it should!

  • Ideally I’d like to get the Look, Alan and Nag on the road as soon as and take a bit longer working out exactly what I want to hang on the Roberts... and indeed if I still want the enigma...

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  • Right, think I’ve sorted out what I’m up to -

    1. Alan super record - sort the threads out on the fork, install headset, hand on wall for now.
    2. Look KG233 - install ultegra group, yellow turbo saddle, blue Mavic wheels - ride it to the in-laws and leave it there.
    3. Colnago Dream - this is a tough one... one idea was to install silver Campag veloce and mudguards and have as a winter beater but others in here are interested and will probably ride it more than I will so I’m letting it go.
    4. Roberts fillet brazed EL - polish up the veloce and install new bb bearings and hoods, pink ck wheels and mudguards, have Winston modify the forks for racks and spray to match frame
    5. Enigma - strip down and rebuild with complete parts bin Di2 group and install, PDW guards and biggest tyres I can squeeze between the rear stays, ti stem and post = winter bike
    6. Parlee - find 23mm gumwalls, carbon stem and carbon bottle cages, remove logos from seatpost, strip saddle and recover - ride whenever it’s not raining 👍🏻👍🏻
  • How come you need such slim tyres for the Parlee? Old frame and small clearance?

  • Yeah, odd quirk of the frame - can’t get wider than 23mm on 23mm wide rims between the chainstays - that and the bottle cage bolts on the seat tube are really low... bloody good frame though!

  • Forgive the possibly stupid question, but do those tyres come up bang on 23mm, or are they a little wider? At least there's space for mudguards if it's chainstays only!

  • Not a stupid question at all, each different tyre seems to come up slightly different - my 25mm Vittoria corsa are 27.6mm on wide rims, my 23mm Michelin axion carbon are 24.5mm on the same rim...
    yes I could fit guards to the parlee but that doesn’t feel right somehow on a carbon frame... 🤷♂️ Is it just me?
    I’ve tried fitting PDW to the enigma but it’s very tight under the brake bridge which means I probably need to modify the guards a little bit, but I’d prefer not to so I can move them on to other bikes as and when etc...

  • New bike day...

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  • Lovely. I'm making this assessment from pictures, but when it comes to welds Moots, Eriksen and Seven seem to be in one class, and all other ti frames in another.

  • Now that Eriksen has retired, it's Brad Bingham who does the neatest welds under his Bingham Built brand. They're insanely neat!

  • I would add firefly to that list. But nobody else that I’m aware of.

    Nice brake bridge!

  • Cheers all - I’ve never had a raw ti frame but have to say that the Moots is tidy work...

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  • I was studying the welds long enough that my son came to help...

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  • What is the headset top cap here? (On the enigma).

    Lovely Moots. Miss mine, such a nice ride.

  • seriously nice.

    moots always look just right; no massive tubes or weird shapes.

  • Those welds, holy shit!
    I’ll have to inspect the welds on my Ritchey TI, no doubt I’ll be disappointed...

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Lynskey Custom / Enigma/ Moots

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