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  • So after much searching and a few close calls I finally snared this...

    previously owned by Vince and built up like this...

  • Photoshopped the build I was considering... and the blasted version -

  • day 1...

    day 2...

    day 3...

  • Blasted without a question. Do you need that many spokes?

  • yeah, I'd never seen the point in painting Ti... but as this is painted I figure I'll go with it until it becomes tired and worn - then blast it...

    much spoke count due to speed of photoshopped mock-up when I should have been working...



  • Nice , & worth the wait ! blasted would look cool but I'd live with the red ! as you say
    Ride it if it really niggles you bead blast it

  • Keep the colour!

    (Unless your over 40)

    Looking forward to seeing this. I think you could probably get away with gumwalls, but black gets my vote.
    Needs a Ti CK headset and seat clamp to match the dropouts & calipers.

    and king cages definitely!

  • Were you holding this frame outside the pub opposite Southwark tube last Friday?

  • Yeap, brushed/blasted ti is nice, but that red is absolutely lush! With the black parts it's going to look phenomenal, and I dont even like red bikes usually.

  • Once again, black tyres.

  • ^^^yes I was, I work nearby... the Ring, decent pub!

    Cheers for all the help/advice/inspiration Colin, much appreciated! For a while there is it was looking like an exact copycat build was on the cards!

    I agree on the tyres - if/when it is blasted I'll switch to gumwalls... black for now though...

    that omni race clamp does come in red... could look cool if it is an exact match, but will look shit if it is the slightest shade off... hmm... the paint under the clamp is chipped so any clamp that doesn't cover it will look a little shabby anyway...

    I'm going to get some touch-up paint from a friend who works for a car dealership who stock this Chianti red, which I have found out is a $895 extra on top of the 'custom' package from Lynskey!! so I'm not stripping the frame...

    I plan to pick up a pair of the king cages from Condor tomorrow... these ones in stainless -

    I'm going full SRAM red 10speed on this build but currently have the campag fit rear hub and no one sells the shinamo/SRAM 10speed freehub body anymore!

    So I either buy the 11speed body and a spacer at vast expense, or run a campag cassette, or sell the wheels and buy some deeper chinese carbon clinchers...

    decisions, decisions...

  • Problem solver cassette!

  • King cages are great.

    I never thought this frame would look good!

  • cheers TM, just emailed them...

  • ^^^yes I was, I work nearby... the Ring, decent pub!

    Ha! I'm on Webber St. Was on the way to Byron burger, saw the frame and thought, "ooh, that's nice, wonder if it will pop up on the forum".

  • When I first saw the title i thought you were going for a custom lynskey frame. To be honest i think they make some of the best value and quality stock frames, but their prices for custom are too much given the lack of rider specific butting/swaging that you'd get from someone like Serotta (though sadly they are no more in operation). So glad you have got this frame 2ndhand. I have 2 Lynskeys and both are great.

    I have a Ti CK headset. They are lovely but actually heavier than the normal ones!

    Painted Ti is a wonderful indulgence, I had always said if I were to get another Ti Serotta I'd have had it painted silver just for the utter stupidity, though this will never happen now.

    I'd get the 11spd freehub and an 11spd group set.

  • omni race clamp does come in red... could look cool......


  • and king cages definitely!

    I actually found them a bit disappointing; they're basically not big enough for most bottles.
    If you're getting them from a shop then try them out for size.

  • oh, and red's more interesting than raw.

  • Still havent found a freehub??

    Call reynolds in germany. Be surprising if they couldent sort it for you.
    +49 7661 90 90 818 (May be old as i had it in an old mail conversation)

  • Remember when this bike was on eBay originally, went for silly money like £750 or something!

    Still kick myself!

    Build is looking great.

  • Serotta (though sadly they are no more in operation).

    Do you mean Saratoga Frameworks?

  • I actually found them a bit disappointing; they're basically not big enough for most bottles.

    Really? they're a solid fit on nearly all the standard bottles I've own, or do you mean they're a very tight fit?

  • Do you mean Saratoga Frameworks?

    Not the same, some of the old Serotta staff but it appears their frames are not going to be as customised to the rider as Serotta bikes were

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Lynskey Custom / Enigma/ Moots

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