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  • My Clickster is spinning equally as well in drive as freewheel.
    Not the best return on investment tbh.
    What should I get?

  • What should I get?

    Advice from somebody who has used a single freewheel in the past 50 years.

  • U OK HUN?

    I ride my bike in Scotland I like my legs to get a rest on the downs. You soft Southern snowflakes don't know you're born.

    All those flatlands. :)

    Suntour, Shimano, Sturmey Archer?

  • Check out trials freewheels? I got a trialtech one and it seems nice as screw on freewheels go

  • I like the nos suntour bmx ones if you can find them. CKs are obviously good but I couldn’t stand the racket.

  • U OK HUN?

    Fine thanks. I did ride a bike with a freewheel a couple of years ago, but it was a cassette hub. As I say, the last single freewheel I used was on the bike which was replaced by my first multi-gear bike in the early 1970s, so I don't have any experience of what might be good.

  • Much appreciated.

  • So you got a freewheel which has high engagement points and now wanna switch out?

    Get a WI red or don't bother with any other freewheel, I've busted Shimano, ACS, Sturmey Archer etc and WI is still the best.

  • Also, bit of courtesy goes a long way, you are asking in a thread of which +gbj_tester is the judge, jury and executor.

  • Sounds like the clickster is broken and isn't engaging. I've got along well with a couple of trials ones off tartybikes but they're close to WI prices.

    Has there been an attempt to flush out the clickster and get some more lube in it or did all the pawls explode inside.

  • tester is the judge, jury and executor

    Not strictly true, since I don't own this thread. If I did, I'd have been its executioner a long time ago 🙂

  • Detonation, can of worms..

    I may revert back to Shimano but that infrequent tick under load makes me feel like I'm riding my Raleigh Strika again.😁

  • Suit yourself then...

  • singlespeed/track chainrings? 1/8 130bcd.
    Is there any point going anywhere other than velosolo for alu?

  • Diy press fit aluminum Record head set cups or have lbs do it?
    Frame will have been powder coated, should the head tube be faced?

  • Frame will have been powder coated, should the head tube be faced?

    If it was properly prepared before it was refinished, it should need no more than a razor blade to get back to the bare metal on the mating faces.

  • The same headset was on the (properly prepared) frame previously so it should be good then.
    Thanks for that.
    What do you say about the first question?

  • What do you say about the first question?

    If you have to ask, you should probably let somebody else do it

  • @gbj_tester can you remind me what headset I need for the old style (2007) p2c? After 13 years of neglect mine is totally seized but google sent me to some radically unhelpful American forums.

  • IS41, the OEM one is FSA. There are a few variations in bearing thickness for the cartridges, so measure and check. The upper isn't a problem because you can just shim it and get the right cover depth from me if necessary, but the lower needs to be the same height from the bottom of the crown race to the top of the bearing as the OEM one, or you get either a big gap between fork crown and frame or worse no gap at all.

  • Thank you, lower bearing was completely seized in place so it’s currently soaking in penetrating fluid at the bike shop.

    Next stop on the TT bike service is to check and grease all the bolts in the cockpit. All going well until the female part of the threads started stripping with almost no pressure (torque wrench set to 3nm but stripped before that). They were stiff to remove and now 3 out of 4 are gone and I’m scared to try the 4th more than finger tight. Is this a corrosion (sweat?) thing? Visually they don’t look too bad. Do you think it would be possible to re tap these holes?

    Not impressed with £90 to buy replacement parts!

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  • Do you think it would be possible to re tap these holes?

    The fix would be a helicoil or similar, but there's probably not enough material to drill and tap to the required oversize. You should get new clamps.

  • Well that’s shit. :(

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The Tester Approves thread (see first post)

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