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  • Last Word.

  • Sharp, sweet, sour.

  • I've given cloudy urine samples like that before and it's not usually that good.

  • If you get the temperature right next time you’ll know you’re dead.

  • What actually is it, that drink?

  • Fridays Dauphine stage made me go shopping. One shot each.

  • We have a bottle of liquor de ananas from Madeira or Azores and the liquid is black. I'm sure it didn't start black and no photos online show it as black. Can we safely assume this is definitely fit for hippy to drink but probably shouldn't be served to humans?

  • Should be perfect and nobody will nick it. Coming soon to the RIP thread....

    Great mint crop this year, Mojito o'clock is an all day thing.

  • I'm dragging out all the vodka I've been hanging onto too long. There's a bottle of Chopin Rye that's been in the cupboard for 10 years and a bottle of Pan Tadeusz from a wedding we went to in 2008!

  • Hold on, you've had bottles in a cupboard for up to 13 years? Does not compute.

  • Yeah, you see, on one hand I'm an alcoholic... but on the other hand, I'm a collector/hoarder.

    So, sometimes this aligns and I keep stuff. Like I have a nice bottle of whisky here from 2006.

  • Address and postcode? Asking for a friend.

  • Even if you found the place, the guarddog is a proper mad cunt if you go near his, I mean, its booze cabinet. :D

  • I have a couple of Fuller's Vintage ales I've been hoarding, but I am now thinking they should be drunk (not today, but maybe later this summer)

    Back to cocktails, I've been hitting the Aperol spritz like a basic bitch, they are top draw.
    Shit prosecco* is vastly proved with Aperol and soda.

    (*A "gift" from a recent house guest)

  • Aperol negroni tonight due to campari drought (needs rose vermouth really as its a bit sweet with red) . Also going to be dropping a zombie as I forgot I had the mixer open that needs drinking. Shame.

  • I put the vodka in the freezer (and one bottle of caramel vodka in the fridge) and then decided on an Old Fashioned anyway.

  • Anyone made vegan white Russians?

    I've moved onto Oat milk in coffee, was wondering what the best alt milk would be best for White Russians.
    Oat or one of the many nut milks commonly available?

    Anyone tried them?

  • coconut milk is what I’d go for myself.

    Our bar makes a mean White Russian inspired drink with Dominican rum, half measure of coffee liqueur, cold brew coffee and coconut milk, a touch of gula Melaka. Goes down a treat.

  • discovered this gem of a cocktail, celebrating father's day brunch in toon yesterday, also posted on the mum's and dad's thread..­nte-de-la-casa/16907/

    2 ounces Reposado Tequila
    1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
    3/4 ounce agave nectar
    12 cilantro leaves

    shaken, not stirred, pour over ice into Rocks glass

    1/4-inch piece of a Fresno or Jalapeño chili pepper, seeded

    i reckon better on really hot / scorched mornings with eggs benedict

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  • Thanks this thread - have been smashing the last words this week. Limes too expensive so doing them half lemon and half kiwifruit, and bols maraschino instead of fancier stuff.
    Such a good drink 👍

  • Tastes just as good at home

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  • Dont forget to put a couple slices of chili into the shaker as well :) Also theres a cult following of this cocktail courtesy of Sohohousememes on Instagram, merch and all.

    I think Ive sold enough of these through my career to fill a decent sized pool.

  • sunday night paper plane. cheers !

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  • Gin, Cocchi, absinthe, lemon and marigold syrup. Simon's is a lagerita.

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