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  • I have a few social events coming up that I'll be hosting, looking for some new cocktail recipes... got all the traditional ones thanks...looking for new ones with some edge..something to wow! the guests taste buds..

    Cheers B x

  • Hmmm

    Ok try an Elderflower Margarita....

    50ml Good Silver Tequila...i recommend Don Julio Blanco
    25ml Lemon Juice
    15ml Elderflower Cordial...Bottlegreen is nice....but if yu can find it use St. German Elderflower Liqueur.
    25ml Clear Apple Juice...although Chegworth Valley do a nice russett apple juice.....

    Thats a nice light one......hell i have a few more....if you want give me a mail, and tell me what spirits you are thinking of and i will try and help!

  • brisa du verano

    cut three thin slices of cucumber and gently muddle them
    50ml stoli raspberry
    37.5ml cranberry juice
    37.5ml apple juice
    10 (~) ml gomme syrup


    serve long over cubed ice and garnish with a cucumber wheel.

    tastes like a watermellon and is an easy please-all.

  • Forget cocktails, all you need is Hendricks Gin with tonic and slices of cucumber. Delicious.

  • If you like a nit of spice in your drinks...this is good and a hit with male and female imbibers.....

    Fuego Manzana

    50ml Reposado Tequila or Aged Rum
    15ml Green Apple Liqueur...not Apple Sours
    1/2 inch of red chilli
    25ml Cloudy Apple Juice
    10ml Sugar Syrup

    Crush the chilli with a rolling pin end,add the other ingrediants, and ice shake it well.Then strain through a tea strainer into a big cocktail glass, use the top of the chilli as a garnish.

  • Yum, they all sound great, thats what Im looking for, I have a habit of sticking with what I know and Im sure bore my guests...keep them coming, thanks

    @ mdizzle email addy is on my profile under contact details if you want to send them that any good ones that use pineapple juice in the mix?

    not fussed what Liquor is used with the exception of Gin :/ ....

    non alcoholic cocktails are also appreciated

  • i love lychee based cocktails - very refreshing

    chilled pinot noir goes down a treat on a hot day

    whisky & tequila are my real vices though

  • Bellezza...will send them through later on.....

  • Cocktails? Isn't that just a cheeky way to dilute the good stuff and get alcos to eat fruit? ;)

  • Faliraki Fondue

    50ml blue aftershock
    1/2 Can of stella
    200g melted cheddar
    10mg MDMA

  • bombcup posted this guy's link in the coffee thread and I found it contained some interesting drinks..­ss/cocktails/

  • I love a snowball... yum.


    Try this one, I got it off the web its awesome.

    1 shot Dark Rum
    1 shot Crem de Cassis
    3 shots Cranberry Juice
    3 shots red grapefruit juice

    Serve in tall glass with ice and wedge of lime. Its very tasty.

  • get a can of stella artois
    open it
    decant into glass

    perfect for those hot summer nights

  • Honeymoon with a large Orange wedge. mmm. My favorite Summer beer.

  • Tennesee whiskey & ice.
    best cocktail ever.

  • Crusader

    tia maria

    tastes like chocolate orange, be careful with these bad boys though, one of my friends has shat in random places the last times he drunk them, including his sock draw. Naturally they're off the menu for him now

  • Tennesee whiskey & ice.
    best cocktail ever.

    you need to look into The old fashioned


    close to this but just muddled cherries and ice added to bourbon... nice

  • A nice one a mate of mine told me about.

    Two shots of whiskey in a large wine glass
    Top up glass with red wine.

  • That would be killer.. I like.

  • All this talk is making me wish summer was here already. Riding around in the sunshine FTW.

  • Guinness Punch. Think the best milkshake you've ever had but alcoholic.

    1/2 Guiness
    1/4 Milk
    1/4 Condensed Milk
    Mix together with Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Star Anise.

    Oh, and some white rum (as strong as you want it).

  • A nice one a mate of mine told me about.

    Two shots of whiskey in a large wine glass
    Top up glass with red wine.

    ohh my that sounds just wrong.. but then so does coke and red wine and that's nice.

  • Good thread. Been doing lots of cocktails lately so I can share these with you...

    **Velvet Hammer
    **(Better "milkshake" drink - a classic from old business trips to Dallas)

    1 Shot each - Vodka, Kahlua/Tia Maria, Cointreau
    Small amount of ice
    2 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
    Mix in a blender - serve in frosted martini glass with a twist of orange

    I have also have been playing with the classics

    **Aroogah's Screwdriver
    4 parts orange juice
    Small amount chopped mint
    1 part Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

    Shake with ice, strain into glass, serve with mint sprig for garnish

    The mix of the sweet orange with the aniseed-y vodka and the mint is really nice.

  • thanks guys, lots of really good ones here,

    @ Aroogah, loving the idea of mint in a screwdriver...very refreshing

    @ photoben... Guinness Punch...yum!

    @ The brick... interesting combo...sounds lethal :p

    @ cleverpun ...poor guy :/

    @ hippy... great link!

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