Silvertown Tunnel campaign needs your support

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  • It is maddening that while people are desperately fighting an electric railway on the basis of uncertain CO2 modelling, a supposedly progressive mayor is building this motorway. Seriously considering leaving the party over it, having long believed it's better to be part of a mainstream movement to bring about change.

  • regarding his environmental legacy I find it impossible to pick apart. This article is linked from those letters:­e/2021/jul/27/floods-london-frontline-cl­imate-emergency-defences-traffic

    It mentions ULEZ expansion, LTNs and a carbon neutral London in 9 years.
    I thought the ULEZ expansion was forced onto him by the government in the run up to the election
    to make him unpopular, similar to the increases in ticket prices for public transport in exchange for a bail out.
    LTNs have been around for decades and the recent ones seem to get dismantled left and right and I can't tell how much power over them comes from the Mayor or the Councils.
    Similar to the Street Space initiative that just has enriched manufacturers of plastic street clutter and in some places like the Greenwich Naval College was used to block public access to open spaces during lockdown. Also not clear how much there is Government, Mayor or Councils.
    Small thing but big one for me is the removal of cycling access on Waterloo Bridge.

    Carbon neural in 9 years is just lol. Unless of course it consists of buying some imaginary emission rights or similar bullshit.

  • Small thing but big one for me is the removal of cycling access on Waterloo Bridge.

    What do you mean? The last time I rode across it, which admittedly was a while ago, there was no problem.

    To be fair to Khan, he has no direct power over modal filtering on local authority streets. He can only dole out funding or possibly withhold it if a borough pursues policies he considers warrant this.

  • You are right, I recently saw that it's open in a London Cycle Routes video. I haven't been on it since they blocked it off with that construction site and have only checked TFL cams and always
    saw the barriers on it.

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Silvertown Tunnel campaign needs your support

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