2014-05-04 Isle of Wight Randonnee

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  • Perhaps you could be less patronising too.

  • ^^ Do you not realise that - even more so with inexperienced riders - it matters little what you think is safe and much more what other peoples perception is.
    It might be fine for you to ride with bars a couple of centimeters apart on a club run, because you know how the other riders are going to react.
    But on a public ride that would just be stupid, regardless of how experienced you are, unless that experience goes all of the way to telepathy.

    You're not covering yourself, and by extension, your club in much glory here.

    ^ah, in your lack of experience, you're mistaking fasteddy's generosity in sharing his enlightened experience with us noobs, for patronising behaviour. I'm sure enlightenment is just a few more posts away though ...

  • Hats is entitled to her opinion but it was a shame she started name calling and gloating as well as complaining.

    [quote=]These opinions are my own not the clubs so don't take my word for it come and ride with us and find out more.[/quote]


  • I'm honestly aghast that

    a) such a docile and fruitful thread has succumb to the merciless grasp of heated debate
    b) that chopper has entered the canon

    Oli would be proud.

  • *Last edited by bothwell; 4 Minutes Ago at 20:26. Reason: Edited for a more appropriate gif *

    (I'm sure there was a better gif of this but whatevs)

  • I too have held a cat 1 licence. I have raced in 'international' races. I have trained & ridden with both world champions & grand tour riders. Due to my illness, I pootled around about 8 miles on my electric power bike; just for the unadulterated pleasure of being able to be two wheels, after I thought I never would again. But teaching under tens to 'knock elbows'!!? Give yer head a shake man.........

  • mkm531: 'But teaching under tens to 'knock elbows'!!? Give yer head a shake man.........'
    BC E cat children are under 8. They participate in mass start circuit races. I think some training is probably desirable.

  • mkm531: Forgot to say, sorry to hear about your illness and good luck with the recovery.

  • The approach to randonneur and sportive events seems to be similar in that they are non-competitive events. It's interesting to see BC making a film about group riding for sportives. http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/insight­zone/techniques/group_riding/article/izn­20121221-Sportive-How-to-ride-in-a-group­-0
    Presumably in response to the accident rate at such events.

  • mkm531: Forgot to say, sorry to hear about your illness and good luck with the recovery.

    Thanks for that Eddie.
    I still think under 10's or 8's shouldn't be 'taught' to ride whilst knocking elbows. I feel this is something which should be borne of experience. Some (as riders get older); love the 'butt & bang' of a full out final sprint in a group, for others tho, it scares 'em to death. My own view is that it's a kind of natural cycling selection. You find what you're good at. In my experience, those who don't like the cut and thrust of the peleton make very good time trialists! (Beside the obvious exceptions to the rule!).

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2014-05-04 Isle of Wight Randonnee

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