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  • Thread to link to ladies rides, or if people want to discuss or plan in impromptu rides etc etc

  • Ride this sunday, 16th March

    Thread here: https://www.lfgss.com/thread120800.html

    Postponed due to excess water!

  • FYI the above ride looks likely not to go ahead due to flooding/lastminute diary clashes. It will be rescheduled!

  • Rescheduled ride finally happening on Sunday 22nd June:

  • Hi Pootsmanuva Hi there I am new to lfgss where is the best place to begin to making plans to meet up for rides?

  • Here is good a place as any to keep your eye out.
    Next one is https://www.lfgss.com/thread129172.html

  • Hi Mands

    Thank You I'll have a look at that thread.


  • Always good to know what's going on. Went to Evans Ladies' Night last week and was pleasantly surprised how unpatronising it was, and they avoided the heavy-selling too.

  • Always good to know what's going on. Went to Evans Ladies' Night last week and was pleasantly surprised how unpatronising it was, and they avoided the heavy-selling too.

    I would be interested to know which branch. The one I went to, I asked questions of two different male members of staff and both were unhelpful and slightly patronising. (Their loss because I went in to spend money and came out with nothing!) I wrote this on the event feedback survey and haven't heard anything since.

  • So I'm mindful that we've (sorted) revived ladies drinks and we've have gone a bit mental for a new form of single speed cycling but shall we try and get some actual ladies rides going again??

    I should add that I'm not really feeling distance riding fixed and my bike is now more suited to rolling around town but wouldn't be averse to some roadie douchbag action or shorter fixed rides.


  • ^ keeeeeeeeen

  • Yes please.

  • Most definitely. I am hella lazy at the moment, up for some 30,40,50 mile rides ASAP!

  • Me too, I am also off work 10th-28thNov so am up for some slacker daytime rides as well if anyone is about?

  • Possibly, if I can get my fat arse out on the bike and my speed up in the meantime,

  • I'm owed a load of time back from work so could do a slacker ride at some point. Otherwise I could do weekends when I'm back from my solo ladies ride across Germany.

  • solo ladies ride across Germany


  • @hats that sounds amazeballs, what's your route across DE? I've cycled a bit in Bavaria and it was awesome.

  • Kind of this: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/5984934

    The route is entirely subject to change but I've booked places to stay along the way (except for the end, as I haven't got to that bit yet!) so those are for definite. I'll end up in the Hague and plan on spending a day there chilling out, and probably deciding that I want to live in the Netherlands (this happened last time I went there).
    I'd love to go to Bavaria - where did you go?

  • Ooh I lived in Den Haag for a bit.
    Might be my fav bar in the world - http://www.depaas.nl/ - obv know you don't drink, but may have alki-frei! It's nice and on the canal.
    Major jealous! go hats!

  • So after a lovely ride led by @Cazakstan with @Doctor_Cake and @Ecunard I thought I'd offer to do the next one on Sunday 23/11 since I think @KT_Bee is also free?
    Was thinking something like this route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/4627310

    since I know it and its my first time leading a ride =P Bit hilly but mostly nice lanes. Will most likely head out from Catford.

  • in!

  • Looks good to me!

  • Yup, sign me in please.

  • I think I might head out this Saturday am as well - I feel the need to put on lycra and ride my road bike. Will either be SE or into Essex, prob about 60 miles - let me know if anyone fancies.

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LFGSS Ladies Rides

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