HHV Women's Sessions

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  • Can't wait for next months women's league, tonight was super fun. Nice work @blowfish and @zeez!

  • Last night's racing was loadsa fun. Looking forward to next month's already, the Win Out sounds like it'll be killer! gonna be ace racing with ya @lucyh

  • Went to the Sunday session at the weekend, first time in months. Forgot how much fun it is. There was Marymoor crawl lolz, I need to learn to track stand!

  • ^ Hell yes, on the list for LFGSS Tarck day! This will be my first track race of the year so I will be crap but fuck it! Any excuse to wear my NLTCBMBC skinsuit!

    @Sam_Dunn @Cazakstan @Ecunard @Yasi @Doctor_Cake @blowfish @mands

    @lucyh @LinaB. Get your Velociposse crew down!

  • There's the sprint track league at Herne Hill this Saturday evening. It's really low key, perfect if you want to play at sprinting, see if you like it. I did my first of one last month and loved it. Sign on the line 6.30pm. Hopefully see some of you there 😀

  • Hey guys, I'm interested in the women's sessions but I was wondering if I could just pop in on Sunday to watch first? Is that allowed? Will it cost me? Sorry if this has already been asked before! Thanks :)

  • There's certinaly a drop-in session on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings for "over 40s and Ladies". Meant to be the basics etc but Weds has got quicker so the Thursday has been added.
    9am at HHV

  • Watching any of the training sessions is free (you can go into HHV anytime it's open). Why not just try it out? There is an induction every Sunday session and the coaches are very supportive

  • Been meaning to go and try for about 18 months, let me know if you do it and I'll pledge to do it too haha.

  • I'd love to, but I need to buy some clipless pedals first. I'm looking into that but I thought I'd go watch once anyway. Need to go and try on some MTB shoes as well! So tired of my straps, its the worst kind of pedals to have in the rain.

  • Haha, lets do it together! I'm about to buy some clipless pedals and shoes and then maybe lets arrange something?

  • Do you know what you're after ? I've got a spare pair of women's Mavic Scorpio size 40 kicking about if you wanted.

  • I'm a size 36 (UK Size 3 or sometimes even 2.5) sadly :( Thanks for the offer though. Should I post on the classifieds and see what people have got? MTB shoes are so costly and I'd rather get it off the forum.

  • I need new shoes... what size are you in normal shoes?

  • @Ecunard it'd be lovely to see you! let me know when you're coming down! and @XRuSxeX - you can use flat pedals and cages if you're struggling to find clipless shoes in your size for the moment? hopefully see you soon too!


    repost from the HHV women's facebook group (which you should join if you're not on it already!)

    "Hi all! I know that most of you this doesn't concern personally, but I'd like you to all listen up for a few seconds. As you may know, the British Cycling youth structure is incredible, with a huge range of local, regional, and national races throughout the year. Even better is that in recent years the female half of this structure has been improving too, not just with opportunites, but also with the quality and level of riding itself. Currently, there is a youth road national series which consists of seven races throughout the year at venues all around the country. This means that for girls aged 11-16, there's a multitude of nationals road races throughout the racing season. However, when it comes to junior, this opportunity completely disappears. There is a pretty impressive national series for junior boys, with several races around the country, many two or three day events and many on closed roads, however nothing for the girls. This has always struck me as odd, seeing as the girls race at national levels from 11 years of age, then as soon as they start becoming very serious, this opportunity stops. Now, you may be asking 'what has this to do with me?'. One thing that this lack of races does is that it drives many young girls out of the sport as they slowly lose interest without any races in their calendar for them specially. This therefore isolates senior women's racing as there is no solid bridge between the youth and senior sections for girls and women and in turn vastly reduces the number of women racing. Which, I know, is not what any of us want.

    So if you have a spare second, please sign my friend's petition to create a national road series for junior girls. It may not seem to affect you personally, but in the long run could be the difference between having 7 women show up for a race and having 35 women show up for a race. Sorry that this was so long winded, you may be able to tell that this is something close to my heart. Thanks a lot everyone for your time, it's very muchly appreciated.

    https://www.change.org/p/british-cycling­-event-organisers-create-a-national-cycl­ing-road-race-series-for-junior-girls/sp­onsors/new "

  • @lucyh thanks for bringing this to our notice, the last thing we'd want is for girls to get discouraged from riding.

    Also, I just purchased clipless pedals and some shoes so lets hope they fit/work ok/I dont fall over. I'll be practicing clipping in and out this weekend and hopefully soon you'll see me Herne Hill :)

  • @XRuSxeX hope you're enjoying clipless!

    sorry for the spam ladies - https://www.facebook.com/events/15329924­1715433/

  • I did not know where to post it.
    Nice website for bicycle dress


  • Cross-post alert

    I'm selling my fuji track - had a lot of fun riding it at HH, but realistically am not going to find the time to get down there any time soon. It's forum favourite - perfect if you're getting into track. PM if interested


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HHV Women's Sessions

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