Toolboxes: reviews, advice, pics

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  • We've all got one, whether it's a shoe box or a waist-height set of Clarke draws. I'm tempted to upgrade my scuffed plastic toolbox. Any tips?

  • Cheap boxes = wasted money

    Metal toolboxes only if you use them for work (factory, workshop etc)

    Sales are on at the moment.

    Not terribly helpful, I got my big box from homebase, which I love but its domestic use only. My bike tools live in a canvas bag, so I can easily carry it around, and I've got a 5 pond jobby which is always breaking so it gets used for everything else.

  • Bringing this back to life- portable tool boxes for trips abroad, what have you got and what would you take?

  • I have a makita soft bag with wheels for my DIY efforts. Much cheaper than their plastic boxes and trolley. Wouldn’t plan on DIY while travelling.

    But I guess this is for your MTB travels. Can’t you just take a minimum of stuff and find a decent shop/mechanic? I’d think basic maintenance and lube stuff, torque wrench, Allen keys, spare pads and chain, pump, air shot, sealant and possibly a spare tyre. Otherwise I’d want too much crap, bleed kit, cassette tools, hanger alignment... and would keep on taking more and more.

  • The idea here is to be self sufficient - insofar as that’s practical.

  • Time for a camper van with a tool wall.

    Or an RV and a workshop trailer.

    Go big or don’t leave home.

  • Either a stack of systainers on a commercial/homemade trolly or Peli flight cases. I prefer systainers as they’re modular and cheaper (although still expensive). But most people use the Peli cases with wheels and extendable handle

  • Would anyone have seen the cylinder that these Allen keys come in associated with a different brand?

    I can only see Crescent in Australian web-stores.­nd-tools/2750-crescent-chkli8-8pc-imperi­al-hex-key-set-chkli8.html

  • Not in that cylinder shape but I do enjoy using this Wera version.­keys-in-a-two-component-clip/

  • The cylinder is the most compact holder that I've seen, even more so than the Wera, which is why I'm interested in it.

  • I've never taken a full set of allen keys when I take my bikes abroad, only those I need. And most of those were eventually retired when I got the Silca T-Ratchet Kit as for most uses, handlebars, stems, seat posts, brakes etc as it replaced the full sized allen keys and is a good rudimentary torque measure. I also swop out the bits in the Silca case to others which are more useful depending on the bike, eg one bike only has torx heads on the chainring, so I don't need the others. The only other really useful tool was a pedal spanner, but I'd often just take a longer 8mm allen key. Those things coupled with a decent leatheman pilers type multitool covered me for pretty much everything aside from the obligatory puncture repair kit. My entire travel abroad toolkit fits into something the size of a bidon, including spare cables, small bottle of lube, tire boot, tubes etc. And most of it I've never used, but it's handy to have if needed.

  • Like Muppetteer, I also use a mini ratchet for home wrenching now and it would be much lighter and more compact than a whole set of allen keys, add to the fact that you can also take torx bits and a screwdriver bit for limit screws if they don't have hex heads, at negligible extra space

  • I have the Silca ratchet+torque wrench set, and often carry it with me. It's been my default tool for assembling road bikes when travelling for years now, with usually a set of PB Swiss Allen keys as well. However, larger tools are easier to use, in some circumstances, and if I have to take a bleed kit with me I'm thinking of taking a more comprehensive kit. Also, I might smash bits off the MTB in a way that I never anticipate doing to the road bike.

  • I knew there'd be a suitable thread on here. Looking to finally organise/combine all my tools which are currently scattered between several toolboxes, magnetic wall strips, old mango boxes, etc, etc.
    Anyone have experience of this SGS one?­mobile-heavy-suty-3-piece-tool-box?gclid­=CjwKCAjwsJ6TBhAIEiwAfl4TWClvOGOLSrE5IFk­qwGwwqRRe1sie0h2qZqs8Lj-J2Ib1u1P6G8yKHho­CY7cQAvD_BwE
    Or anything else similar? I'd like it to have some sort of wheels as I have a bad back + a small room where things need to be shuffled round. Budget not quite at systainer level - under £100 definitely.

  • Some of my swag from our supplier.
    Milwaukee Packout is nice and durable
    Their backpack ( not Packout version) is nice but very heavy. Extremely solid construction though.

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Toolboxes: reviews, advice, pics

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