RIP King Josh / Velo Libre

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  • Really, really sad news. Poor lad.

    I hope he found peace in the end.


  • sad news, ride in the sky, josh!.


  • sad times... RIP Josh :(

  • I spent a weekend with Josh and friends in Amsterdam. I remember the sweating episode well, though I have him down as saying "I've been holding in that poo for bloody hours". He was so chuffed with himself. We then spent 10 minutes imagining ourselves as floating jelly fish, before plotting how we were going to win the race back to the boat the next day.

    I didn't know Josh as well as most, but he's a character I won't forget. I always had respect for him and he was refreshingly honest about things - he wasn't frightened to correct me if he thought differently about a subject. I got the impression he always chose his on path and did things his way.

    A response to a suicide I once read went something like "sometimes the lights are too bright for our most sensitive souls". It seems pertinent here.

    Such sad news. RIP my jelly fish brother.

  • Fuck

    Rip josh :-(

  • Poor guy. What a tragic waste. Love to his family and friends who suffer now.

  • Just got back to London, sad to hear of Josh passing.

    Hope he finds some peace.

  • i'm gutted and lack the words to share some of his impressions he made on me.
    riding in town he often spotted me, but didn't shout or whistle.
    instead would change his course and ride up be hind me with a smirk. that was his style.

    roads will feel different now, you'll be missed!

  • One day he comes round my place and I haven't seen him in ages. We're in the middle of catching up and I pipe up about how I'm kind of peckish. He says he happens to have some sandwiches from either Waitrose, M&S or something. So I'm like cool and start chomping on the sandwiches. We carry on chatting and I'm like, what else is happening in your life? And he goes, oh I'm really into dumpster diving and freganism at the moment....

    The dumpster diving era was my favourite Josh scene mainly because it meant he had overcome some of his OCD issues (I may be over simplifying it) but also because once he found these chef whites (they were actually checkered pattern) behind a dumpster and he would wear them everywhere. He totally didn't give a shit. It was actually a pretty good look.

  • Josh once offered to babysit my daughter (she was two then), because he was broke :-)

  • I loved the guy but that would have been a bad scene.

  • I didn't know Josh. But I am touched by his passing. He sounds like quite a character. It is good to hear that during his time on earth, he has brought a lot of fun and happiness to a lot of people. It is perhaps in the light of this very hard for some to comprehend why he should want to take his life. Many see it as a selfish act. Perversely the rationale is often the very opposite. It is the ultimate sacrifice; in that person's mind, an absolutely selfless act.

    I hope he has found peace.

  • also because once he found these chef whites (they were actually checkered pattern) behind a dumpster and he would wear them everywhere. He totally didn't give a shit. It was actually a pretty good look.

    I remember them. Also remember the dumpster diving. Living behind a tescos at the time it was a revelation.

  • He changed the fakenger scene with that look.

  • i liked his plastic bag gloves

  • Very sad, ride on mate.

  • I could never understood the decline though. I enjoyed the fun quirky side and I tried to help when things got dark. I honestly tried, nothing I would say worked. A lot of times I'd wish I wasn't his friend, I just didn't have the capacity to deal with it. Then I gave up, I consciously made the decision not to try any more.
    Joshua, I'm sorry man.

  • Nothing I said would work, I just didn't have the tools. Fuck Josh, I'm sorry man.

  • ^Tibbs, it's hard but don't beat yourself up about it. Josh was his own man, he knew we were all there to help him if he wanted.

  • Shit, just heard this. Haven't seen or heard anything of Josh for a couple of years. I actually really like the annoying little cunt, never won an argument with him, no matter how wrong he was, I was just not clever enough to change his opinion. Gonna have to marshal my thoughts about this but in the mean time I'm remembering the last time I rode with him, a proper rained out night ride to Brighton, only the tough made it that night.

    Fuck man, wish you knew how many people loved you.

  • Fuck, Enjoyed the stories and the beers up at norths what seems like an eternaty ago. RIP dude.

  • Josh, the world is less dull cause of folk like you. You should have stuck round but I hope you've found peace wherever you are.

  • Rest in peace Josh

  • RIP Josh
    You'll be missed.

  • Oh crap, only just seen this. Only last week I was crossing Oxford St where I last saw him a year or two ago and wondered what he was up to. No idea he'd been struggling, had a smile on his face back then which is how I'll remember him.

    RIP Josh.

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RIP King Josh / Velo Libre

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