RIP King Josh / Velo Libre

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    Thought I'd have a look at some cached pages from Josh's blog at work for a chuckle....

  • Such sad news , may you have found peace Josh x

  • RIP Josh.
    We gonna organize a race in his name and one of those photographs is gonna be the spoke card!

  • Swaintoux 2010 - YouTube

    A few of snippets of Josh Swaining it like a boss with a grin on his face and a belly full of beer.

    Haha. 1:28 will be the guy I remember.

  • Me too. Every time I rode up Swains with him I'd be sweating and suffering and he'd just charge up trying to do it no handed or generally dicking around.
    Man had his own style.

  • Thought I'd have a look at some cached pages from Josh's blog at work for a chuckle....

    Cheers man, for getting this. Forgot about that service.

  • Swaintoux 2010 - YouTube

    A few of snippets of Josh Swaining it like a boss with a grin on his face and a belly full of beer.
    Really good to see this again.

    Arvy, that hat is inspired.

  • Raised a glass to last to the scoundrel last night at Norths and Arvy said a few words. RIP Josh, you'll be missed.

  • knowing josh i don't think he'd want flowers. I think perhaps a donation to a mental health or addiction charity on his behalf would be apt. He would go on about adopting kids a lot so maybe an adoption charity. His family are quite benevolent so i think they'd appreciate that. Any thoughts?


  • sad news. i only have vague memories of josh but the tributes here are really moving. wanted to add my own RIP.

    tibbs - big hug. x

  • Sad news, RIP Josh.

  • I've just heard, rest In peace Josh, this is terrible news.

  • Never met you Josh but you seem like a fantastic person.
    Rest well.

  • can't see a green pompino on the road without thinking of him. that was the bike i spotted him on most around kennington/oval area

  • Till he rattle canned it in rasta colours.

  • RIP you crazy fun loving bastard. Nocturn was fun, and I'll miss you.
    Only picture I have, looking confused

  • On the Ride East in Feb 2011. Josh did a wheely and carried on going backwards.

  • I never met the dude but he seems like any one of my friends. Sadly I have first hand experience of losing a loved one through suicide. The destruction and soul searching it causes is colossal. My thoughts are with him and his family. I think it would be great if the appropriate person could forward this thread to his family (when they feel it is appropriate to do so), I know they will find the warm stories, candid photos and shows of love very comforting. Look out for each other and keep an eye on your loved ones.

  • Sumo, didn't he bend his seatpost as well? was thinking about that the other day.

  • Very sad news. Saw a tribute pop up on (someone on here I think?). I remember Josh from Norths and some other rides a few years back, always seemed like a very genuine person. RIP chap.

  • Saw this on Tumblr, with a caption that said;

    Tribute to bicycle messenger Josh from the London Courier Emergency Fund who was tragically killed in London­a09c3df01c43b554ab2/tumblr_n1160cKAxp1qd­w1kro1_1280.jpg

  • Hi

    There was a discussion earlier last week, people wanted to send flowers & cards. I will get the correct address from Josh's dad for those who do wish to do so and post it here.

    In lieu of flowers I had thought Josh might have preferred that money was not spent on something so perishable and they was a talk of donating money to a suitable charity.

    I have been thinking about this and while a mental health/drug charity might be apt I want to avoid this being Josh's prevailing legacy. Not that people should shy away and avoid confronting these issues but there was more to Josh. I think a lot of times he feared being stigmatised as being abnormal when in fact he was just different I guess, as different as everyone as is to other individuals.

    Josh had haboured ambitions of becoming a paramedic, in particular a cycle respondant. I think partially in tribute to his dad a GP who was the only authrotiy figure I ever saw him revere. And also because Josh was a pretty helpful dude, who believed in society, caring for others, he was a true altruist (in between his daliances with nihilism and an obsession with dub). I think he also liked the idea of never been confined to the indoors and being able to pursue his passion of cycling while still getting paid. I'm certain if he hadn't been derailed by his issues he would have made and how bugged out would the spotted thread have been. "I just saw Josh at an RTA, he was humming BDP whilst attending to a victim"

    Whilst there are no bike specific paramedic charities I thought that it would be nice if those that wanted an alternative to flowers could donate to St John's Ambulance via this just giving page:­y

    I will send Josh's dad a link to the page. I will also get in contact with St John's and ask them to ring fence the value donated to cycle training, bikes etc (thanks for the idea).

    I was also going to send Josh's dad some excerpts from this thread. Just to let him know juat how much Josh meant to a lot of people.

  • Good work Tibb's.

    The very last time I saw Josh he was making a delivery to the building I now work in, every time I leave when the light is the same level of dusk as it was that day I remember him.

    It's been a few days now, and I echo the comments of a few others- the reality of Josh's death, or rather the awareness of it seems to shift, somehow, to grow.

    I barely knew him, I don't think he recognised me the last time I saw him, but I miss him- even though we certainly didn't agree on a lot of things that very disagreement was enjoyable when we were sat outside the Roebuck.

    RIP Josh.

  • Good work Dammit.
    As nice a eulogy to someone I didn't know as I will ever read.
    He gets more familiar every day.

  • Just saw this, didn't know him but RIP all the same.

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RIP King Josh / Velo Libre

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