RIP King Josh / Velo Libre

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  • Sad stuff this. Big stories too. Shame he couldn't write a lot more adventures into you guys lives.

  • trackstanding on a travelator...something in that shot.
    only ever chatted on here with him, can see the depth of his connections on the thread though.
    r.i.p. young man.

  • He had really great bike handling skills honed from BMXing as a kid. Will have a root around later for pics of him doing tricks.

  • And his blog... He was so honest about his struggle with addictions and life in general. I can't face seeing anybody about my depression when he had no qualms to openly talk about some dark and gruesome stuff that it was almost therapeutic for the listeners - he spoke for many.

  • KainedbutAble. I really liked his style of writing. Shame he took it down after a while and even said he hated it.
    He was oddly fickle like that. He'd wake up and reject his whole current ethos on life and he was his worst critic.

  • I remembered the blog this morning, tried to find it. Wasn't the other one called "Come On Feet"? I told him at Norths once I'd put his blog in my RSS feed, always liked what he posted. He thought I was joking, had to convince him I was being serious.

  • A forumenger just informed me of his passing. In tears. Used to say hello and meet for pre-drinks before normal meets or an event.
    He was awkward sometimes! But I think that's what made him who he is. I am sad to say we lost contact last few years.
    Rest in peace :( x

  • I think I'd like to go to the funeral, let me know your plans, Tibbs...

  • Wow, awful news! Would regularly see Josh on his way home from courierieiring and would often nod or wave at one another. A tiny connection at best, but I recall he was a great presence on this forum years back and I'm sure he'll be very much missed!

  • Been reading all this with a heavy heart. Didn't know him but an awful business nonethless. Be excellent to each other.

  • One time I told him I was considering getting a GOrilla Hattara (to him they were the ultimate). He looked me in the eye and told me that if I built it up wrong he'd kill me. I believed him.

    We should have made him a mod for the current projects section

  • He spent the rest of the weekend buying and smashing milka. It's all he wanted to eat. Fuckin' Josh man.

    I'm feeling this, Milka is THE SHIT

  • I never knew him, except on here, but he shared this a long time ago which I like and think I want to share again for him.
    Mungo's Hi-Fi - The Truth Dub - YouTube

    Rest easy Velo Libre

  • Very sad news. Josh was very much a part of this community on and off forum and remember meeting him at beers and bridges rides.

    RIP dude.

  • Is there nothing going on in London for him?

  • post se's, I was in a mood and he was doing what he could. it was one of those nice still nights when going for a ride is the right thing to do. I was unemployed, he was doing whatever it was he did. We thought it would be a good idea to keep on riding to Brighton.

    He turned off at the top of Brixton Hill, went home and so did I. An odd little memory but makes me smile every time I go that way.
    (and I also dodge white lines in the rain thanks to him).

  • I think I'd like to go to the funeral, let me know your plans, Tibbs...

    Hey mate,I've booked a train ticket to Josh's funeral,I couldn't msg you on here but if you want the details msg me maybe?

    Ride safe,Josh x.

  • I only ever met Josh tangentially in a group, and only a couple of times. But the rememberances on this thread, and the selection of people posting them, are testimony to an interesting, intelligent guy who contributed a lot to this scene, and made a big impression on people.

  • Tibbs, are you organising a forum flower collection, or similar?

    Do you know if the family need help with anything?

  • Hey mate,I've booked a train ticket to Josh's funeral,I couldn't msg you on here but if you want the details msg me maybe?

    Ride safe,Josh x.

    Yup, I'll give you a shout tomorrow...

  • Arrrgh! This is awful news :( I would never have thought. Josh was the first person who came and spoke to me at the first LFGSS drinks I ever went to.

    He was also a fellow KCL student and I remember bumping into him at library - he was the owner of the only other fixed in the bike shed at the time.

    I will try and make the funeral.


  • Rest in peace Josh.

    Near Waterloo bridge one summer's evening, I saw him. He had popped up to Norths a few times before..I saw his slightly odd riding style and shouted 'do a skid'.

    He pulled a beauty of a skid, easily 2 metres long, flicked his chin at me, then took one hand off the handlebars and then gave me a rude sign.

    It made me feel part of a secret club and it made me smile.

    We'll have a drink to him tomorrow at Norths.

    My thoughts are with those who miss him.

  • Shocking news. Poor lad. Met him a few times, but never knew him. Remember he was kind and thoughtful when I broke a wrist a few years ago. Thoughts with his family.

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RIP King Josh / Velo Libre

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