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  • any news on whether there'll be another course running?

  • pfft. I say we just group buy tubesets and some oxy-acetylene equipment and build our own. guides are all over tinternet.

    I'm planning some repairs but I'm just going to use MAPP gas and silver brazing rods. silver has lower melting point and better flowingness, so good for lugs and beginners. not cheap, but cheaper than acetylene.

    Place in stockport does
    9l acetylene 160 deposit 60 gas. propane should cut it and much cheaper.
    9l oxygen 30 deposit 30 gas.

    used torch and other bits. > 100

    ceeway frame kits £135.

    Just lacking jig which can be gotten past
    BB & HT thread cutter and facer which im sure someone could sort out cheaply.

  • Did you finish this? Is it being ridden happily, even as I write?!

  • Not sure if this is the right place but me and my father are looking to do a frame building course ideally commutable to Lytham in Lancashire. Does any one know of anything?

  • Not sure about distance... but dave Yates is probably your best bet.
    He's one the UK most experienced builders and had long waiting list for his course and at one stage was the only one teaching the in UK.
    But he's is winding down towards retirement so be quick.

  • Summmershett. Bit far to go though.

  • I've just done a Basic Welding course at Myerscough College over 4 Saturday mornings.

    1st Week - Gas welding & brazing
    2nd Week - Arc
    3rd Week - Mig
    4th Week - Project of your choosing

    If you had all the lugs/tubes cut and prepped you could build a frame on the 4th week.

    Not a frame build course, but a local opportunity to learn the some welding skills that could be used.

  • Cheers for the ideas. Open to doing anywhere really just want to keep accommodation costs down plus possibility of having a frame to take away at the end of it

  • Dave Yates in Lincoln based.
    Most courses specialise in either lugged or brazed construction with Dave Yates
    Geoff roberts
    Concentrating on Lugs
    And bicycle academy mainly fillet brazing.
    The confines of a weeks course means it's one or another.
    Or as mentioned earlier a local college could help you with a tig welded frame.­cle-frame-building-courses­e-building-course/

  • Geoff's course is excellent and you come away with a good frame that is ready to paint. Drop him an email or give him a call. He's a really nice guy.

  • To revive a 3 year old thread, is there any chance someone knows of a frame building course around london to avoid going covid crazy? cheers

  • If you're still looking, I'm aware of a frame builder - Darren, who offers a weeks course based in North London. Might be worth dropping him a line and asking...

  • Website above doesn’t seem to be working, anyone know anything more about his course?

  • That’s Darren Barber who many years ago used to run Chaingang Cycles in Upper Clapton (in the 90s) . He built nice frames under that name too and was a mountain bike champ who liked to braze one a tiny beer bottle opener on chain stays if required. Neat.

  • It's a big trip to North America but this fellow apprenticed with the best in the UK and been teaching frame building for over 30 years. Hi classes often run long by a week or more (at no extra cost) because he is so conscientious. Doug Fattic Frame builder - Teacher - Humanitarian
    914 South Third St. Niles, Michigan 49120 +01 269-684-6761­tic-Doug.htm

  • Which firm? Amazing how many americans Witcombs trained up.
    Those guys basically set up the whole NHABs scene subsequently.

  • Doug Fattic apprenticed at Ellis-Briggs­t/our-history/­sframebuilding/pool/
    A bit hard to read in reverse but...­/08/doug-fattics-framebuilding-class.htm­l

    Richard Sachs apprentice with Witcomb at their facility in Connecticut and J. P. Weigle, too
    They apprenticed at Whitcomb England in the early 70's. Their time overlapped in the UK but they didn't start and end at the same time. I don't remember which one was there 1st. They worked together making frames at Witcomb USA. Chris Chance got his start at Witcomb USA after the American business got going.

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Frame Building Course

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