Vincenza Euros bid

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  • Here's the video:

    EHBPC2014 PROPOSAL on Vimeo

    The aim of this thread is to get a consensus on whether London would back the bid or not with an official statement from the Chair of the LHBPA if the community deem fit.

    I note that this post is in the L.P.C. and not the LHBPA sub forum, mods can feel free to move it. The reason why I started it here is based on the assumption (nothing to back that up) that the majority of the LHBPA are also L.P.C. members.

    I also note that there's already a public thread with regards to the Euros, but yeah, would be nice to thrash things out between the L.P.C. and see what's the opinion is.

  • So Vicenza seem adamant about keeping the 34x18m court.

    This is not necessary for them to hold the Euros and would be damaging to the competitive level of the tournament.

    If you agree, please speak up on the LOBP thread.­aments/2013/11/05/ehbpc-2014#comment-124­628

  • This is not necessary for them to hold the Euros and would be damaging to the competitive level of the tournament.

    Oh hi Greg.

  • Rather than us personally submitting objections, I think it might be a better idea for a representative of the LHBPA or L.P.C. (I note that there is currently no appointed representative for the L.P.C. but if we go down that route then we'll nominate someone for this purpose) saying something would bear more weight. A Euro veteran perhaps e.g. Jono, Bill, Rupert, B, Tappy, Mat, Chukker? Or one of the Officers from the LHBPA?

  • Trying to get a confirmation of euro spots to give to UKC, would appreciate any support / commentary / advice.

  • Please keep it to yourself and not discuss this in the open and please do not start bombing the organisers with questions.

    I have been told that London will get 6 main and 1 wild card spots.

    Also, it will be a 64 team main tournament over 4 days with 16 of the main spots coming through from the wild card.

    Will update when I hear more.

  • Beagle is the new H-Bomb aicmfp...

  • 32 spots through a wild card?!!

    If this is for real then it is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard.

  • Sounds awesome to me, no more of this stupid number of slots per country... They should just have a massive wildcard!

    (or maybe 2-4 wildcards and call them regionals...)

    For a sport with so much mixing between nationalities, the use of national boundaries in Europe does seem a bit anachronistic.

  • Sounds like awesome fun, I might even make it along to this...

    Naw, poor Emmet...

  • Here's a bit more info and I corrected the above about the wild card, it's 16 spots to the main tourney from the 32 teams playing off. Good chances there!

    The organisers are expecting teams from about 23 countries with each country guaranteed at least a main spot plus one in the wild card. This includes newly formed scenes from countries never represented at the EHBPC.

    Allocation wise, the Worlds is omitted from as they feel that it's firstly not in Europe and secondly, many teams did not make it. Judging from the Swiss having their allocation slashed due to no show last year, it's just based on Euros standings.

    As for UK allocations, 6+1 could still change and that the UK would have to submit the top 10 teams to the organisers after the qualifiers is done.

  • i loved the wildcard last year.

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Vincenza Euros bid

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