Which framebuilding course

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  • Hi!

    Has anyone had experience with framebuilders in UK?
    I was able to spot 3 of them: Dave Yates, Swallow and Downland Cycles.
    What I need is to learn the skill so I can do it myself, would like to learn as much as possible. The teachings are more important than the quality of first frame. Downland cycles also offer 10day course - is it worth the time and money?
    Maybe it is irrelevant to whom i go and learn?
    Anyway - oppinions and suggestions welcome!h

  • Well, I looked at TBA too, they cover fillets best as I can judge from web, no lugs though.

    Psee, any arguments why you suggested excatly TBA?

  • I've done The Dave Yates course and couldn't recomend it enough, amazing week and came out with a bike I was really pleased with. Dave was a metal work teacher in Schools before he was a frame builder and it shows, he's not only a very good framebuilder but excellent teacher too and takes such care and attention over you building the frame that it would be hard to go wrong.

    Don't know anything about the Swallow

    I would not go on the Downland Cycles one, I met someone who's mate had gone on it, they were told on the course that since it was their first frame it wouldn't be very well brazed and wouldn't last that long and it didn't! Mines 5 years old and going strong with many hard miles on it from a large rider too!

  • I've also done the Dave Yates course and agree with above. However, don't expect to be a frame builder after a one week, especially if you don't have previous metal working experience.

    I was quite happy to build the frame under Dave's supervision but I don't think I would be up to doing it my own. On the other hand, the guy that was on the course with me was an engineer and at the end of the course Dave gave him some old bits of tubing and lugs so he could go away and practice. Also, you will build either a lugged or a fillet brazed frame but not both.

    A few of his graduates have gone on to become frame builders

  • The fillet brazed frames will more likely than not have a lugged BB on the Dave Yates course unless you've got some past experience.

    I reckon I would be happy to have a go at another frame but am pretty sure it would not come out as good or be very strong. Would definitely start again with practise joints and saw up or try and break first.

  • Indeed they do. I built a lugged frame and my experienced companion fillet. Also, if you go for fillet then normally there is no time to build a fork as well.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Thanks for the links, have read them already.
    As I thought previously, Dave's course is a must have experience, though the queue is long.
    On the other hand TBA looks very progressive and versatile, any comments here? Their fillets look excellent, and they offer some insight in TIG! Ok, you dont get a frame at the end of the course, but they offer 10day course with deeper insight in the stuff - is it worth taking the long one?

  • The TBA course would be brilliant if I lived closer to Frome. Having done the course I would then use their facilities to build my own frame(s) but being 300 miles away made this somewhat impractical. Maybe when I retire !

  • http://www.yamaguchibike.com/content/Sch­ool

    I think the commute will be a bit far :-)

  • Have signed up to go on the Downland Cycles course after seeing what was available in a week that I could fit in and also talking to a colleague who has just completed the course and thought it was excellent. I know it's been mentioned further up the post advising not to do this course but checking if anybody has done it since then and had any comments?

    Also does anyone know of any fillet brazing short course in London I could do before the end of April or anywhere that would be good to get experience of brazing before I do the course? I know it will be covered in the course but if possible would like to get a bit of experience brazing beforehand.


  • Anyone know of anyone running Framebuilding courses in London / commutable from London?

  • Bike academy is the one donhou and quirk went to . They recently moved to better premises.

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Which framebuilding course

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