Should Scotland be an independent country?

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  • And, to be fair, when you look at intellectual and ethical Titans like Mogg and Johnson it’s easy to understand why you’d want them to have inflicted the same damage on the Scottish NHS as they have done to the English one.

  • Like being in the EU? :)

  • 100% identical.

  • Shouldn’t have put the smiley if I wanted you to take the bait

  • It's an interesting comparison, the critical difference I think can be framed in terms of power.

    Within the EU the UK had power, love it or hate it we were part of the group of three that drove EU policy.

    Can we say that Scotland drives UK policy? I don't think we can.

    Brexit was sold on the notion that we would gain power and influence from leaving - which of course was and is nonsense, as we can see with things like the UK CE mark.

    Would Scotland gain power if it leaves? Yes and no, there would be significant areas where it would find itself constrained, just as the Tories are now finding - no use making it much cheaper for a company to make something if you then can't sell it to anyone.

    I doubt that Scotland would have the conflict that we see playing out between Libertarian sock puppets like the TPA and Steve Bakers ERG and less compromised and/or insane members of government, which would be an advantage.

    But would it be a success? I think it depends on what your metric is.

  • I can't think of single metric where the devolved Scottish assembly have shown any progress over the past 14 years. The current FM slashed the SNHS budget whilst she was Health Secretary.

  • Scotland has 76 GPs per 100,000 people, compared to a national UK average of 60.

    The metrics are out there, if you choose to look for them - or, I suppose, if they're meaningful for you.

  • Is that what they think? Does Scotland not already have some devolved powers? Are there no Scottish MPs in Westminster?

  • Good. Glad to keep up my 100% record of missing humour on the internetz.

  • Mistakes to be corrected.

  • Aaah. The West Lothian question..

  • Population density Scotland - 65

    Population density England - 270

    Person per square Km

    I think that might explain the GP metric.

  • Desperately trying not to use italics

  • .. My private jet has just left for Portugal

  • So if Scotland had the same as England would that be a good thing, or a bad thing?

  • I'm going to leave such matters of moralism to others and wash the dishes.

  • I just looked up moralism to check that what I thought it to mean is what it actually means, and I can confirm that I have no idea what your post is saying.

  • trying googling 'scottish parliament' or 'scottish government' instead of 'assembly'

    might get better results that way

  • The GP difference probably predates devoloution, the reasons for the different number of GPs per person are complicated.

    More interesting is where the GPs practice. Number of GPs per head is often lower in areas of highest need.

  • Good and bad.. A construction derived from morality. Essentially meaningless terms in a post relativist world. Or an utter Kant!

  • Is there any way to generate energy from rain or mist? Surely Scotland could be world leaders in that

  • scottish government doesn't have the powers to borrow the billions required to fund a publicly owned venture like the article suggests, though. The SNP had plans to set up a publicly owned retail energy company in the past, but even if they'd done that, such a retail company would have nothing to do with energy generation/infrastructure.

    Or were you actually posting this because you're in favour in scottish independence and this is a great example of how a lack of powers has hamstrung scottish economic development?

  • I was just getting in before ol' Hurricane tbh. I cant even read the article, not subscribed.

    I like your response though.

    There are very very few things that would prevent me from voting for an independent Scotland. Saor Alba.

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Should Scotland be an independent country?

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