Should Scotland be an independent country?

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  • Anyone for? Against? Anyone care? Think it will happen?

    is Salmond a stooge? So that the Labour vote is split sufficiently to keep Camo in power?

    Interesting living up here being English - people openly admit they've got 400 year old chips on their shoulders about us, whereas most people I've spoken to really want Scotland to stay

  • Would be nice if this didn't descend into Daily Mail style mud-slinging and stereotyping. It will though.

    My personal views are that it would be a good thing for Scotland, and this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the English or any supposedly universal grudges past or present.

    The quality of debate on this whole issue has been woeful and frankly, at times infuriating. A good example of the overall attitude that seems to be pervasive in the UK media is this:

    Scottish Independence being discussed on 'The Wright Stuff' 27/11/2013 - YouTube

    It does nothing to encourage the moderate or undecided to stay within the warm bossom of the UK.

  • Who gets to keep Chris Hoy? What would happen to UKIP? Would we still have a Curling team? Would the remaining Scottish Conservative go extinct?

    We need answers.................

  • Not thought about it.

    Do the Scottish want independence? Will it affect me?

  • What happens to the oil?

  • Has Scotland good enough an economy to stay afloat?

  • Scotland is rising, England going onto the drink...

  • Hippy demoted to EWNI (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) 24 Champion.

    I think ye'll find it's oor oil.....

    Salmonchild, are you sure you're not Salmondchild?

  • Has Scotland good enough an economy to stay afloat?

    the YES campaign (and business for Scotland) say yes­key-economic-facts-that-prove-scotland-w­ill-be-a-wealthy-independent-nation/

  • ^^ What are the rules on slander?

    Did public money go into development of oil infrastructure, if so can I get my share before the divorce is finalised?

  • ^^ What are the rules on slander?

    Did public money go into development of oil infrastructure, if so can I get my share before the divorce is finalised?

    Oil money was used predominantly to make the Tories look competent throughout the 80's and into the 90's.

    It has been a wasted opportunity for the UK and badly managed from the outset.­/2014/jan/13/north-sea-oil-money-uk-norw­egians-fund

  • ^^ What are the rules on slander?

    Did public money go into development of oil infrastructure, if so can I get my share before the divorce is finalised?

    Ask your Dad.

    Yes. No.

  • I think it is a good idea, that way we would share a land border with a country that still has an NHS in a few years.

    We can get some shortbread and a kilt when we go on a benefits/medical holiday.

  • Read that recently, then jumped straight on the outrage bus. What terrible miss-management of funds.

    In terms of independence, I don't really have a preference or opinion on whether it should happen, I am however concerned on how it does happen if it goes ahead. It seems to require a lot of facilitation through gradual shift of funding, common currency, military and could fuel 'perceived' better public spending than south of the border which facilitates the 'Scots subsidised by the south' viewpoint which I am too ignorant of the facts to know whether correct or not.

    From a casual viewpoint it can seem very much like a BS propoganda support mechanism for Salmond et al and a legacy piece for his political career.

  • I really hope scotland don't decide to leave the UK. The future of our planet is a unison of human culture. To me boundaries and tribal dissection of our already fragmented society is a step backwards into the feudal dark ages. It truly would be a said day.

  • ^ I agree with this but like I say they do seem to enjoy that age old chip on their shoulder up here

  • weirdly I'm having an argument about Independence just now all over someone else's Facebook wall with comedian Hardeep Singh who has just it's probably fair to say ripped me a new ass in terms of debate, to which I'm gonna find it hard to recover from unless I resort to calling Salmond 'The Fat Controller' etc....

    which I might, because......well, I've totally lost the argument!

  • ^ in which case they can fuck off then

  • say aye to ya pie!

  • say bye tae a pie?

  • fag paper of difference between Labour/Tory though in reality - I think we're all sick of voting governments in that only seek to please shareholders and corporations

  • for all new visitors to the country
    Chewing the Fat - French guide toGlasgow - YouTube

    still gutted this will the first year since 2007 wont be coming up....

  • If they want to go I'm fine with it but I can't really see it happening; firstly I don't think they'll vote yes & secondly I don't think the turn out will be very high - the few Scottish people I deal with through work just seem like they don't care.

    If I'm wrong & they do vote yes I'm curious about what would happen with money, border enforcement, oil, military building contracts & the military in general.

  • the military is a huge issue - are they really going to spend billions on building new military installations and 'moving' manpower who will be given the choice of serving for the Scottish Defence Force? logistically it would take decades - in the meantime, they're just gonna 'borrow' the rUK military?!

  • Most of the Scots I have met have been pro-independence. As a non scot living in scotland I am going to vote yes. We already have better facilities and a much more socialist outlook. I see my GP the same day I am ill and prescriptions are free.

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Should Scotland be an independent country?

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