For Sale: On one inbred SS frame 18"

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  • As title says selling my on one frame in red, frame is in good condition few scratches but nothing noticeable thinking £100 posted cheers.
    Also have a chris king headset(1/18th) would like £50 posted for this or can combine with the frame for 140. I'll get pictures up later.

  • £95 posted and here are some photos ck headset sold.­1931/library/Mobile%20Uploads

  • £90 posted anyone?

  • Tempting, i could meet you in cov.

  • More than welcome to mate.

  • Not sure if its to big, thats all.

  • Might be mate, it's right on the limit for me at 5'9.

  • Yeah on one guide says i need a 16" hmmmm :/

  • Steve's got my old 16" 456 for sale not ss though.

  • I need a non-ss 16", who is steve and how do I contact him if A&P doesn't take it?

  • CasaSteve on the forum.

  • I would need a SS version, there's one on On-one (confusing) that i may go for in 16"

  • That's....tempting. Really tempting.

  • £85....

  • £80 posted anyone? Need this gone.

  • Damn, 3 days earlier and I would have taken those forks.

  • What's the sterer length on the forks? and are they qr?

  • Just to clear things up , 456 and forks aren't mine they're casasteves.

  • Offers welcome.

  • For sale else where now.

  • Anyone fancy a nice frame set for summer trails! £70 posted!!

  • Can't believe this hasn't gone yet. Maybe the reprobates on here don't appreciate the Summer Season geo. Just in case anyone's confused the the name, Summer season is a slacker head angle version of the original 456 from on-one. It's a proper bad ass of a bike that I ragged all over wales, just wang a 6" fork on it and a set of beefy tyres and hit any drop you dare. It's not a special 'single speed' frame, it's a regular design for using with gears or a tensioner.

    Mine sold on here about 18 months ago for about £130, so there's a bargain to be had if you're a lanky devil.


  • just to clear things up mine is the red inbred in this link:­1931/library/Mobile%20Uploads
    i seem to have derailed my own thread trying to sell a friends ss ha!

  • Oh, I am a bell-end - please accept my continuing good luck wishes

  • Haha completely factual in what you said though the orange ss was mine before amazing little frame.

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For Sale: On one inbred SS frame 18"

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