Barnet / North London Cycling Club?

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  • Evenin' all, I've been AWOL for an awful long time.

    Anyway, I moved to Barnet in July '13 and love the area, perfect for Road Cycling. Not long got myself a suitable bike.

    I've often seen quite a number of lycra groups down the high road pedaling a long on the weekends.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any cycling clubs in the area or round about? As I'm mostly out and about on the weekends and seriously looking forward to some good weekend weather. (If it even comes, knowing England.)


  • I contacted Finchley RC a few years ago but was politely told to fuck off. "We're not accepting any more people at the moment unless you are of the right category of rider". I've recently been considering Southgate CC who seem to be a bit more up my street!­ation.html

  • This looks right up my alley! - Just down the road from me.

    Nice one Ian, cheers.

    Might see you there sometime?

  • yeah maybe. I haven't actually been on a ride with them yet! also their rides start in Enfield Town - not Southgate

  • Yeah I know the place, called Market Square or something. It wouldn't take that long to get there and I think the route from mine is pretty straight forward enough.

    Dunno why the meeting point is there.

  • Have either of you considered The Edgware Road Club?

    I met some of them last year and the club seemed to me to be worth considering. They are mostly old blokes, and I think that's why there's almost no internet presence. However they seem to have both knowledge and enthusiam, but not to be overburdened with newbies.

    I think the Southgate, which someone mentions above, is active, but a couple of other names that might be worth looking at are The Century RC and the Kenton RC.

    I do have the impression that the club scene is a bit odd at the moment. There are new ones like, for example, London Dynamo, about which I have no knowledge although I have heard mixed reviews, and there are the old faithfuls like those named above. Some of the old clubs have got more applicants than they can take, some are past redemption with just a handful of old codgers meeting up for an annual reunion lunch, and some may well still be worth joining since they've got knowledge but very few new members because they haven't recruited by current methods. The above mentioned clubs may be in this category, and there are probably others.

    If you can't find them, send me a p.m.

  • ok, so went on 1st club run with Southgate CC this morning (sunday). there were about 30 people of very mixed ability (by the looks of them). 9:30 1st group of about half, set off - they were supposed to be the slightly quicker group & 5 mins later rest of us set off. pace was pretty easy - I was the only fixed rider, and we got to log cabin at Abridge at 10:50 (15miles apparently) so kinda slow. then most went back and 8 of us went on to Matching Green, a pint at the Chequers and then back. nice day out - according to another rider's strava we averaged 14.5. unfortunately I bonked as I left the rest back in Enfield - defo not enough food. was only expecting to be out for 3hrs! reckon I did about 65 miles.

  • Hi Ian,

                       This sounds like a pretty good start.

    Beer is not all that nutritious so maybe you could try three pints next time.......or possibly some marzipan.

    I predict that in a few weeks time you'll be wondering why you didn't make this move a long time ago.


  • So, Ian, what did the club think of your large courier bag with the massive bike lock in it and all the food? :)

  • ^ha! no, this time I was in lycra sans any bag or lock.

    ^^ chris, im sure you're right. I do need to get more miles in, im sure my fitness has tailed off in the last 5 years since ive changed work and don't need to commute

  • Ha! Clubman, nutritious three pints.

    Ian, sounds good bud. Do you think you'll be going back? I haven't ventured yet to any, but with the weather starting to make a turn soon (I hope) I'll probably try the Southgate one, so thanks for the heads up, 65miles sounds nice so I'll prep for that one.

    I did send them an e-mail a while back for more details as they didn't have much then on their website for this year. But never heard anything from them.

    I've been straight up north a few times from Barnet through Hatfield, lot's of nice country lanes about.

  • They ride out from Enfield every Sundy morning, 9 or 9.30 (often 2 groups)

    I do intend to go out with them again but I haven't the time to go tomorrow & next week (2 March) I'm looking forward to The London City Wards ride.

  • High Barnet Velo sets off from outside the Hadley House on High Barnet High Street every Sunday morning at 8am (9am in Winter months)
    We often arrange groups out to the Alps, TdY, TdB, and the Classics.
    We are on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. High Barnet Velo

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  • CC London have a lot of rides that head north up the A1000 through High Barnet on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Barnet / North London Cycling Club?

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