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  • Their socks are amazing though. Took me a few goes to work out I'm a L/XL but now, my favourite socks. I'd buy LOADS if they ever had them in stock...

  • Couldn't agree more very good socks.
    I believe I hoarded one more pair. All bought in the sample sale of course.

  • Right on cue, 30% off over the Easter weekend.

  • most importantly are the socks discounted and in stock for @hoefla ?

  • how big are your feet for you to need xl socks? or is it to allow for shrinkage?

  • I also never had any shrinkage of my Vulpine merino stuff. But did get an issue with one of their waterproof jacket wherein the magnetic buttons on the back simply made a hole (on the external size!) and fell out. The outer layer of the jacket is simply too thin and I can see the same fate happening to the other magnet.
    Their Harrington lightweight jacket is nice though. Very stylish out of the bike (and found out some of my colleagues from Berlin and Helsinki also have one), a little uncomfortable on the bike (but that could be just me, honest, as I went for a L instead of an XL for a more tight fit)

    All in all it is a good brand, and the deal with Hoy was nice to see, but they are managing it very badly. I think they actually needed more retail presence at one point. And adjust the price? For a little more, often, you simply go to Rapha.

  • The Hoy tie-up is gone. Didn't make much sense for either brand, by the looks of it.

  • I think it did, simply Hoy is probably moving to something more stable.

  • I'm a size 10.5/11, and find the L/XL socks snug, especially after a wash. They are nice, though.

  • The Crowdcube has been pulled. Haven't seen an explanation why yet, though the many questions about the projected financials on the Crowdcube discussions page presumably didn't help.
    I'm curious to know the story behind it - I wonder if we'll find out.

  • I was just wondering about this, seems strange, if not unsurprising.

  • It is with intense sadness that I have to inform you that Vulpine is
    insolvent, and I have had to take the extremely difficult but
    essential decision to place the company I founded into administration,
    under UK law, hence my unusual formality.

    Two Partners from RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP will be appointed
    administrators next week, after a special resolution was passed
    yesterday by ‘A Shareholders’, who are able to vote. Once appointed
    the Administrators will have full control of the company and I will no
    longer be able to make any decisions.

    We have done all we can to finance the company. The late arrival of
    the majority of our Spring Summer 2017 stock put us in a more
    difficult cash position. Thus we sought to raise investment again
    through crowdfunding. But this did not gain the necessary momentum to
    complete, likely due to the very poor trading figures of the last
    financial year. Thus we pulled out of the Crowdcube attempted raise
    and began contacting previously interested investors and potential
    buyers of Vulpine, plus a raft of new contacts. Whilst there was
    strong recognition of the brand, and initial verbal interest, none
    have produced offers or ongoing due diligence, and communication has
    stopped. It is highly possible that, having seen our precarious
    financial position and the complications of doing a fast enough deal,
    they are waiting to pick the business up in administration instead, if
    any deal is to be done.

    Vulpine’s brand and business structure remains relatively undamaged at
    this point, and any acquisition via administration would see the
    highest potential value to all stakeholders if conducted as quickly as

    The proposed Administrators plan is to try to sell the company’s
    assets, such as brand, goodwill, database & website to maximize
    realisations for the benefit of creditors and potentially
    shareholders. You can contact Robert Young at RSM for advice on this
    process, or if you believe there may be an interested buyer:

    I cannot offer financial advice, and I encourage you to seek your own,
    but if you qualify for EIS status, you should be able to claim
    significant Loss Relief on top of your Tax Relief.

  • email to investors.

  • Ah, bollocks. Hope Nick and the team come out of this ok.

  • Shit :(

  • Never good.

  • A real shame. It's difficult to carry off that high end look, technicality and price.

  • assets, such as brand, goodwill, database & website

    No mention of the email pleading and apologies.

    Sounds like a planet x business model.

  • Ach balls. Bought a few bits and bobs of theirs over the years (and got a nicely designed brochure in the post a few weeks ago), very nice stuff it was too, but it seems supply chain/distribution/other issues caught up with Nick et al in the end.

  • A real shame. Nick always comes across as a man of integrity and it must be devastating to see something you've nurtured go this way. Here's hoping something can be salvaged and that this becomes just a blip in his history.

    EDIT: A real shame. Nick had me fooled as a man of integrity and it must be devastating to see something you've plundered go this way. Here's hoping something can be salvaged for everyone else and that this becomes just a blip in cycling business history.

  • Called it

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Vulpine Clothing

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