Should HS2 carry adjacent cycle track?

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  • Article on BikeBiz

    Petition now online proposing Government consider the addition in their planning

    A petition urging the Government to consider an adjacent cycle track to the proposed HS2 railway project is now live on the e-petition's page.

    Created by a Todd Curtis, cycle tourism and health are singled out as the key benefits. The submission reads:

    "This petition needs to be signed by anyone who would like our Government to discuss the benefits of a cycle track running adjacent to the new HS2 rail link currently being proposed. There is a unique opportunity to add a cycle track that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but would bring millions of pounds into local communities due to the added tourism."

    It is suggested that the first phase of the project will near completion toward 2026, initially linking London and Birmingham, before a 'Y-shaped extension' adds links to Manchester and Leeds.

    To sign the petition, click here.

  • It would be a bit noisy, no?

  • only once every hour or so

  • Oh, is there a timetable for the trains already?

  • I'd ride along that. Earphones on the entire way, fuck the poleeeeeeec

  • wouldn't it be kinda boring?

  • How dare you traduce my music collection like that, I have exquisite taste.

  • Great idea , need a standard format , standards and such for bike lanes so they could join up at with paths off to towns ect imo it would be great but a uniform quality and width ect across the entire network would be needed

  • Might have to knock down some more houses too

  • And the point of this would be to cycle to Birmingham faster?

  • I'm keen. Let's do it.

  • It would help people escape Birmingham faster.

  • We don't want them down here though, shit! Board it up, board it up now!!!

  • Exactly, people who live in brum deserve it.

  • Great opportunity for a fast track corridor - signed.
    96 names so far - not setting the world on fire as yet

  • I don't think this is a practical part of the plan.
    I spoke to some of the HS2 team at the DfT about this. They are tasked with exploring how cycling can be integrated with HS2 and considering where additional local cycle routes would be built but not parallel with the line

  • heading north out of Euston could cover Camden Cutting, making line into a tunnel, reduce noise etc and put a super cycleway type thing on top with green space, link up with Regents Park and beyond

    ps am biased as live in Camden and all against HS2

  • I was sure this was an April Fool.

    Also reminds me of aerodynamics lectures at uni; midway through a lecture the tutor stated loudly 'Never stand too close to a passing train - else it will suck. you. off.'

  • why anyone is questioning the benefit of increasing the uk's cycle network is beyond me
    noise boring etc >>>>>>>>>>>
    any cycle lane is a cycle lane regardless

  • Let's just sack off this shit train and make a bunch of high quality intercity cycle lanes.

  • and split the 80bn between members of the forum

    like it

  • membership numbers 1 through 1000 only though

  • I'd be a fan of putting the train in a tunnel for the whole distance and using wind-turbine powered pumps to bring the tunnel down to a partial vacuum.

    The trains could get really fast without (the majority of) air resistance that they currently face.

  • yeah but how much do they weigh?

  • Article on BikeBiz

    I've signed it.

    It should be considered for sure.

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Should HS2 carry adjacent cycle track?

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