Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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  • Turning left off Seven Sisters Rd will be fun.

    Isledon/Tollington already has a pretty deserted bus lane, really don't see the point there. If anything, trying to fit cycle lanes and bus stops around each other just makes everything worse.

  • Needs junction details but it looks like more budget cycle infrastructure. Without time at lights and protected junctions it's not really that much. Covers a really small part of that "route" as well

  • Lots of gauranteed red light junctions there. And simply giving a head start does little for casual cyclists.

    No dedicated cycling space deposits acres of pavements shows that the city still aren't that great for cycling

  • I've seen some (not yet public) slightly more detailed plans for one of the junctions and it includes time at lights and decent protection. Hopefully that'll be repeated everywhere.

  • Yeah, a closer look shows decent protection at some junctions but only for the straight through routes

  • Has there been a consultation or admission of guilt by those responsible for building one of the worst cycle lanes in London? I'm talking about the utter shit show that is the bike lanes on Westminster bridge.

    I'm guessing the clown that designed that has probably knighted or something, but its absolutely shit. It may be usable at 4am but every time I've been along there in day or night its definitely more dangerous than it was before, and I now ignore it completely and cycle in the road 100% of the time.

    Obvious major hazard is tourists just standing in it taking selfies or pics for gram of Big Ben and the London Eye, which I accept is likely to happen at probably the worlds most photographed clock and big wheel. Do TFL or whoever came up with this not consider footfall and the gazillions of people at this spot ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and maybe try and come up with a workable design. There's nothing to indicate it is a cycle lane so nobody treats it like one, no blue smurf road of even painted bicycles on the road. And the lane itself is stupidly super narrow with no way for passing any gawping zombie peds or any cyclists which makes it feel very sketchy.

    And every 3 feet they've got what I assume are some kind of anti terror pavement mounting bullshit, rectangular metal posts that are serrated and look like they'd fuck you up good and proper if you had the misfortune to crash or be knocked into one.

    Seriously who comes up with this shit. I want to see whoever came up with it to ride along it any at time during the day and report back how they found the experience, and if its summarised as anything other than harrowing, they're talking bollocks. I might try and film it one day going over in both directions to show how bad it is.

  • Looking at the map I'd mainly agree. That bus lane is virtually always fine, the only possible improvement will be if you're heading straight on going west at the Holloway Rd junction which can sometimes be a bit unpleasant. Not sure what the plan is with that (if anything).

    The bit where it would be most beneficial would be heading east by Finsbury Park station but it stops just before that.

  • C50 The westbound route is largely good. The Eastbound putting the bike lane on the right hand side of the road on Severn Sisters is wacky and will need further thought.

  • Putting it on the right minimises the conflicts with turning vehicles. Not a great solution but it is with reason

  • The full route will have cyclists coming north up Caledonian Road and emerging from Warlters Road, so putting the track on the left would require squeezing in a crossing somewhere.

    It would also create a conflict with the busy bus stops outside the shops there.

  • The bit of Seven Sisters from Fonthill to Blackstock, in either direction, is certainly the section that cyclists I've dealt with find the most intimidating and confusing. Positioning at the bottom of Tollington, where traffic can go 4 ways, is also a mess.

  • Not strictly true to the thread title but the City of London have opened a survey on reducing pollution on Beech Street (tunnely by the Barbican). Simple survey to show, not show support or add suggestions to a map.

    On topic, TFL consultation on St Pauls gyratory closes tomorrow (25 Jan), it's a very simple survey...

  • Battersea bridge consultation survey closing tomorrow..

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Centralised discussion space for TfL plans and cycling in London

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